Tuesday, March 25, 2014


Welcome to post 600 - in here you will find nothing special.  I just felt obligated to point out that I have published 600 bastard posts and y'all have read most of them.

Any other bloggers out there tell me what is so special about March?  Does anyone else have the same noticeable increase in traffic during this month?
March and April of 2012 were my biggest months at the time.  Then in 2013 it happened again where I had a spike during March and it continued during April.

As I sit here in 2014 March is currently less than 100 hits away from being my best month ever and I know it's not because I constantly churn out posts that you all are clamoring to read.  For the most part all of my new posts get about the same amount of views so I realize it's just the scandalous fun posts of the past that are getting all of the hits when people are trying to search for ways to inflate their penis or looking for chicks in Yoga Pants.
I just don't get why March (and assuming April) seem to have more of these people than the other months.

Honestly I shouldn't care because it's all about the small, loyal few who keep coming back for the newest babble that I have pushed to the world.

Today is March 25th and exactly one month from today at this very hour I will be enjoying my reception.  Shaking babies and kissing hands and thanking everyone for enjoying this feast which I have paid for and hoping everyone leaves soon so I can get to the baby making.
The past year has gone by pretty damned fast.  Honestly it feels like it was just a week ago that I was telling myself that there was still 100 days till I was married and I needed to hit up the exercise and cut back on the snacks.  70 days later I pretty much weigh exactly the same but I'm happy and I'm about to marry the love of my life and that is all that matters.

Life really doesn't get much better than this.
Though, in less than 2 months you'll finally get to stop reading about me and this whole nuptial thing and I'll have it all in my rear view mirror and move on to posting things that are more interesting.  Hopefully playing poker again and doing other fun degenerate things.
Oh the glory days - how I miss thee.


  1. I consistently get more views in December and January - football maybe???

  2. YOGA YOGA. also, shaking babies and kissing hands? u could kill the baby,sir. or at least give it brain damage like TBC.and kissing hands like the pope? KISS THE RINGS.