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Friday, March 21, 2014

Soccer Dad

Just some pictures of the other days Soccer practice.
This is their first year in Soccer and they still have a lot of learning to do but they are having fun with practice.
On Saturday they have their first game and while I do understand that they won't play much because there are kids who have been on the team for more years and who are a lot better the coach said that they would try to work them all into the games for a little bit.

So, some random pictures from practice.


  1. where r the soccer mom pics? also, grass seed and frequent watering. WTF. i know it is vegas but come on,bro.

  2. it's a public field, I don't care how it's kept up.
    I was thinking about Soccer mom's today - mmmm... soccer mom's

    1. have some pride in yr community.true,soccer moms and yoga pants. BAM