Friday, March 28, 2014

Flashing Back

Last night I was out boozing it up with some friends.  The funny thing about going out to a bar in Vegas is that gambling is so integrated with our lifestyles that the bars are loaded with Video Poker machines so that you can piss away money while you drink.

That got me to thinking about shortly after the online poker boom where you could play online slots for real money as well.  And, it didn't stop there, it was Black Jack, Pai Gow, Roulette, Craps and just about anything else you really wanted to do.

I remember going over to the dark side a few times and transferring money from one of the random poker sites to their casino/sportsbook so that I could play some of the games which almost always ended up being craps.  I kept searching, like countless before and after me, for some sort of system to beat the craps game because I just loved playing so much.  Playing at a casino can get to be pretty expensive though especially now that the cheapest game is a $5 table unless you are willing to drive way out of your way and head down to Jokers Wild or somewhere else.  How I do miss those dollar craps tables at Nevada Palace before they tore it down and put the NEW Cannery up in it's place.

I never found the magic formula but the game also never lost its luster for me.  I've had sessions where I've won over a grand and I've had sessions where I lost so quick I had to stop and ponder if my chips had even touched the felt.  Yet time and time again when I'm walking through a casino (by myself or in the company of others) I find myself looking at every craps table and game that I walk by.  I find myself listening for the sweet sweet sounds of an active table on a hot roll.  Winner Winner Chicken Dinner.

I've done well at avoiding this addiction of mine over the last few years and I only play occasionally, usually when friends are in town visiting and I'm pretending it's the old days and I'm just another tourist.

Maybe I should just pull all of my money out of my accounts, quit my job and focus on beating craps.  It would be an amazing life for a week or two and I'd have a lot of fun stories to tell.
It all ends the same though.

Seven Out


  1. good post. the good thing is u realize that, in the end, the life as a pro craps player doesnt end well.speaking of different career ,how is the stand up comic thing coming along?

    1. oddly enough once I lost all of my anger this went to the back burner.
      Life has been all about getting to the wedding and enjoying the family.

      Thanks for reminding me that I really am horrible at following through with shit :)
      I still have illusions of rocking Vegas Open Mic's and actually just talked to a guy the other day about it.

    2. Have you ever thought about/yearned for dealing craps again?

    3. Yeah coach, I'd love to do it someday. Problem is that I don't really have the time to put into it and my main job is making me quite a bit more than it was at that time. Would be very difficult to do both jobs when I finally found a casino willing to take me on. Plus having to go back to class to refresh my skills lol.
      Then, trying to start a family and never being home? Maybe one day I'll figure it out

  2. I loved playing craps too, but I had to play at no more than a $2 minimum table in order to use my system. Good luck even finding a $5 craps table anymore....maybe out in the hinderland but nowhere near the Strip. It's $10. When I can afford to play at a $10 minimum craps table, I'll know I'll never have to work another day in my life.

    1. Randomly you can still find $5 on the strip. Excal and Ballys and such, but it's during the dead times.
      I remember when I first started vacationing here and $5 was everywhere - now it's more and more rare.

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