Tuesday, March 18, 2014

The Stick of Truth

Just taking a small break from playing The Stick of Truth and realizing that unless I type up a few useless posts (we can argue that most of my posts are useless) I won't hit 200k views and 600 posts at the same time.
I haven't let Cartman out of the box yet

I don't know if anyone else has played it yet, but I'm really enjoying this South Park game.  It is a classic turn based RPG (JRPG) made by the same team that brought you Fallout: New Vegas and written by the South Park writers/creators.  This game is pretty much 100% fan service and is amazingly awesome.  I'm assuming by the time I am done I'll have run into every South Park character that has existed.  I've beaten up a homeless guy (that got stronger after taking a drink) and I'm fighting other kids.  I've run into Al Gore and am on the hunt for the ManBearPig and I'm also currently (trying) to recruit people into my LARP D&D game being run by Cartman.  Currently Butters is on my team and I'm supposed to be recruiting Tweak, Token and someone else but I keep getting distracted by everything else.
I just took out the mongolians in an epic battle that started with me beating their children up and then having to beat Genghis Khan and his entire horde which got me a summon from the guy that runs City Wok.

Oh dear is this game just so much fun.
The only negative is that it is South Park and it is rude, crude and vulgar which means that I can only play it when I have free time with no children around.  This means that I don't get a lot of alone time to play the game and it will probably drag out and take longer to beat than I would like because of that.
When the kid is awake it's currently Final Fantasy XIII or Tales of Symphonia Chronicles for now - though neither of those two has held my interest yet so I could just go into Dead Space or Dante's Inferno for Trophy Clean up.

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