Saturday, March 15, 2014

The Walking Dead

With my love of all things Zombies I have been a huge The Walking Dead fan since I discovered it (better late than never).  One of my goals is to own every issue of the comic produced (which will take a lot of patience and waiting for good prices) but until then I'm willing to accept trades and omnibuses.

Today was a pretty big milestone for me as I pulled in Issue #1, autographed and graded.

Maybe the only thing that will be able to top this is a copy of New Mutants 98 when I finally get one.

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  1. sweet,bro. good to have goals.i use to b into comics big time. i liked POWERMAN and IRON FIST.i thought the 70s slangs was funny .also the idea of heroes 4 hire was a cool concept i thought. mostly marvel like xmen,alpha flight,avengers,and such.thank again 4 the YOGA PANTS. sweet