Monday, December 22, 2014

Life and Video Gaming

As life actually starts to come into some sort of balance (I know that I am jinxing myself by saying that just a mere month before my spawn is scheduled to be born) I find myself being able to balance out my hobbies as well.

I think this is coming mostly in the form of handheld gaming (and reading comic books which I'm a bit behind in).  With playing my DS or Vita or PSP or whatever I am finding that I can play more games because I'm still in the same room with the family and spending time with them and having conversations with them, all at the same time.  It also helps that the boy has a DS as well that he likes to play now and then and that the wife has started to get into basic mobile games (candy crush, etc) now that she has upgraded her phone to a Note 4.

So, I can sit there and play Pokemon or Persona Q (my next DS purchase) while she bitches and moans about running out of lives in whatever candy game she happens to be playing.  It is truly a win/win.

With that being said I created a games tab above (I've created so many and follow through with so few) just so that I can track what I have been playing and what I actually beat, etc.

I've got to sit down and come up with my new years revolutions shortly, some basic and simple things which I should be able to follow through with over the course of the year.  I've had such good intentions the last couple of years but life has come at me fast and furious and everything I know has changed.

Life is truly wonderful.

With that being said, last night I beat Pokemon Omega Ruby.  Well, at least beat the story mode.  I still have some fighters to challenge and I have not caught them all at this point.  In all honesty I am not sure how much more time I'll put into it right now before moving onto the next game.

I'm in the process of listing my "backlog" of games which I own and have to at least play.  I'm excluding some older games that I don't intend on going back to but I'm also trying to start instilling the discipline to not overbuy in games so that I don't end up with 50 games owned and only 8 beat with the rest waiting to be played.

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