Monday, December 29, 2014

Fame or Shame Week 17 Results

The Bronco's just made this race interesting.
Of course some really crappy picks by teams in position for the money also threw a monkey wrench into things.

We are now into the Playoff Portion where there are less games to choose from and less opportunity for actual blowouts and the top 4 teams are all separated by less than 20 points.
Lets Get Ready To Rumble people

RavensW20-1020 373 Serge
BroncosW47-1443 362 Craig O
SeahawksW20-624 356 Nick G
BroncosW47-1443 356 Craig T
CowboysW44-1737 336 Mauri
ColtsW27-1027 321 Jake
RavensW20-1020 299 Joe G
BearsL9-13(4)296 Sergio
DolphinsL24-37(13)293 Randy
ColtsW27-1027 286 Bill R
BroncosW47-1443 285 Stephanie
RavensW20-1020 284 Bosko
BroncosW47-1443 275 Steph T
BroncosW47-1443 231 Jason R
BroncosW47-1443 218 Old Man
SeahawksW20-624 191 Rob L
RavensW20-1020 178 Claudia
DolphinsL24-37(13)147 Mike T
SeahawksW20-624 136 Spank
65 Carnell
59 Bill M
12 Jason D
7 Tony V

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