Monday, December 15, 2014

Fame or Shame Week 15 Results

There were only two good picks of the Patriots and two bad picks of the Packers, everyone else stuck right in the middle with Ravens, Seahawks and Giants.
Oh, and the weirdo that picked the Lions.... wtf.

Two weeks left in the regular season to separate the men from the boys and then things get interesting with the playoffs and a whole lot less games to pick from.

Ravensw20-1218 326 Serge
Ravensw20-1218 308 Craig O
Ravensw20-1218 308 Randy
SeahawksW17-720 293 Nick G
Patriotsw41-1338 286 Craig T
LionsW16-1412 276 Jake
SeahawksW17-720 276 Bosko
Ravensw20-1218 272 Mauri
Ravensw20-1218 263 Joe G
Giantsw24-1321 261 Sergio
Ravensw20-1218 248 Bill R
Patriotsw41-1338 231 Stephanie
SeahawksW17-720 205 Steph T
SeahawksW17-720 177 Jason R
PackersL13-21(8)164 Old Man
Ravensw20-1218 160 Claudia
PackersL13-21(8)140 Rob L
Ravensw20-1218 133 Mike T
Ravensw20-1218 101 Spank

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