Saturday, December 06, 2014


So, my timing was horrible but such is life sometimes.
My last post was my 666th and I really wanted to do something special for it - alas that cannot happen.

I thought about just lying and saying this one was, but I'd know the truth and it would haunt me until my dying days.
I also thought about going back and deleting an old one so this would then technically show up as the 666th but didn't feel that was a valid way to go through it.

Today is my wife's baby shower.  We will have family and friends over and receive gifts and love and play the "what poop is in the diaper" game and a good time will be held by all, but the reality is I'm burnt out on everything and just want this little grrouch spawn to enter the world already.

This past year has been such a whirlwind. It has all been exciting with the wedding, honeymoon and now the pending child but shit man, nobody tells how that in order to get there you have to do all this other little shit that will tax your willpower, patience and pocket book.  The baby shower is the last in line and it's amazing how much money you spend just to get some people together so they can buy you shit you need for the baby.  You could probably skip the baby shower, save your money and just buy the shit yourself.
Shit shit shit.
My life is going to be covered in shit in the near future so I'm using the word a lot.

I've got most of my xmas shopping done.  I'm down to just some minor things left to buy and all will be good.

After the baby shower is done today I am meeting up with Nick for some poker.  I hear there might be a side of Rob and Lightning as well.  I'm excited to get a little card time in and catch up and then hit the sports book to place some action on tomorrows games.

My wife has off on Sunday so I'm going to try to convince her that it is in our best interest for me to go out and play poker all day.  I'd love to hit up the MGM for their football promo's early in the day and then head over to Caesars for their grand re-opening promos to end the night.  I'm not sure how much I'll actually get in but I suppose as long as I am out for a few hours I'll be pretty content.

My latest stock purchase has come and gone and I still just can't seem to pull the trigger on selling.  The stock has gone over $64 now and continues to gain on a weekly basis at this point. I think I'm just going to leave it in there and see what happens for a while longer.  I currently have a couple of buy-ins in my possession so all I have to do is run hot tonight and tomorrow and the whole situation will have resolved itself.

I've been watching Hulu at work on my phone - and after watching the Cowboys game on my wife's new phone (Note 4) I really want to upgrade to the larger screen.
I want a new phone, I want a new phone, I want a new phone.
However, I feel it is best to hold off as our money is best used elsewhere right now.
But.... I want.....



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