Sunday, December 07, 2014

Fame or Shame Week 14

Missing one or two picks - get em in while the gettin is good.
Lots of diversity this week.

Packers292 Serge
49ers284 Nick G
Saints276 Joe G
Packers274 Craig O
Lions263 Randy
Dolphins251 Sergio
Vikings248 Jake
Broncos239 Bosko
Packers232 Craig T
CowboysW41-2823 231 Mauri
Giants191 Bill R
49ers183 Old Man
Packers177 Stephanie
Packers169 Steph T
141 Jason R
Packers132 Rob L
Packers126 Claudia
Texans115 Mike T
Packers67 Spank
65 Carnell
59 Bill M
12 Jason D
7 Tony V

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