Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Fame or Shame Week 14 Results

With 3 weeks left in the regular season to go the race is still pretty tight at the top.
However, remember that we still have the playoffs to go as well - so even if you think you are out of it your fortune could be won or lost based on how badly you pick the playoffs.
Last year the Superbowl determined the winner of the league I was in!

Joe with a 31 point downswing put his life into a difficult spot heading into these last few weeks.

PackersW43-3716 308 Serge
PackersW43-3716 290 Craig O
LionsW34-1727 290 Randy
49ersL13-24(11)273 Nick G
VikingsW30-2416 264 Jake
BroncosW24-1717 256 Bosko
CowboysW41-2823 254 Mauri
PackersW43-3716 248 Craig T
SaintsL10-41(31)245 Joe G
DolphinsL13-24(11)240 Sergio
GiantsW36-739 230 Bill R
PackersW43-3716 193 Stephanie
PackersW43-3716 185 Steph T
49ersL13-24(11)172 Old Man
PackersW43-3716 148 Rob L
PackersW43-3716 142 Claudia
141 Jason R
TexansW27-13115 Mike T
PackersW43-3716 83 Spank
65 Carnell
59 Bill M
12 Jason D
7 Tony V

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