Tuesday, December 02, 2014

Fame or Shame Week 13 Results

I'm going to start by saying thanks because if it wasn't for a weird chain of events that started within the last hour before kickoff and me being too busy at work to actually look up information I wouldn't have my throne back (probably temporarily).

What started it was 3 different people who I thought were all going with the Colts all got ahold of me at the last minute saying they wanted to change their team to something else.
This led me to pseudo panic and I changed my team to whoever was playing the Raiders.  I figure'd that if people were making last minute changes then something bad happened like Luck cut himself shaving during breakfast and was going to have a bad game.

So, I owe you all a beer.

For next year I'm trying to find a good online site to run the league so everyone can submit their votes. Ideally I'd like one that allows points for biggest margin of victory as well but I might have to just manually calculate it afterwards.

RamsW52-062 292 Serge
ColtsW49-2732 284 Nick G
LionsW34-1727 276 Joe G
texansW45-2134 274 Craig O
ColtsW49-2732 263 Randy
PackersW26-2115 251 Sergio
BengalsW14-1311 248 Jake
ColtsW49-2732 239 Bosko
coltsW49-2732 232 Craig T
DolphinsW16-1313 231 Mauri
DophinsW16-1313 191 Bill R
ColtsW49-2732 183 Old Man
ravensL33-34(1)177 Stephanie
coltsW49-2732 169 Steph T
ColtsW49-2732 141 Jason R
ColtsW49-2732 132 Rob L
DolphinsW16-1313 126 Claudia
BengalsW14-1311 115 Mike T
ColtsW49-2732 67 Spank
65 Carnell
59 Bill M
12 Jason D
7 Tony V

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