Friday, March 23, 2012

25 facts about the grrouch

I was doing my morning reading (and not on the toilet) when I came across Gary's post and thought that this would be a wonderful thing to do as well.

Some of this information is known by a lot of you and some of it is known by very very few of you, and with that I bring you.

25 grrouchie facts

  1. I am a pack-rat
  2. I have a small video game collection that spans back to the first NES and I have at least 15 games for each system I own 
  3. I have a B.S. in Accounting
  4. I do not "man-scape"
  5. My first real tattoo is of Groucho Marx
  6. If it has peanut butter in it, I probably f'n love it
  7. I have a can of Surge from when it was popular in the late 90's. It is still full and has a "beer nipple" on top of it
  8. I have moved 20+ times
  9. I have three lasting friendships from my past
  10. This whole blogging thing has helped me to escape my last depression
  11. I find that going to a live football game to be pretty boring. I miss the color commentary, the close-ups, the commercials and being able to see what is actually going on
  12. I have had a back-burner dream of becoming a comedian since high-school
  13. I'm a recovering technology junkie
  14. I've lived in Vegas for 6 years and have never bothered going to California
  15. I am almost free of all of the common debt that drowns most Americans (credit cards)
  16. I have a Ford Focus and ADD
  17. I hate being late so much that I always arrive 15+ minutes early
  18. I drink 36-72 ounces of Mtn Dew per day and that IS cutting back from when I was younger
  19. The liquor cooler that I had in my college dorm still runs and is now in my bedroom
  20. I almost became an alcoholic after my first engagement ended
  21. Once I realized fact #20 I completely stopped drinking for about 5 years
  22. I have an addictive personality
  23. Beavis and Butt-Head is my favorite cartoon
  24. Guns-N-Roses, Marilyn Manson and Gwar are my 3 favorite music groups
  25. My first car was bought solely with proceeds from selling Magic: The Gathering cards around the year 2002.  The car is dead but the cards have increased in value a min of 10-fold.


  1. Very interesting stuff! Except 4 isn't true. Per my request you do.

    1. I was talking about you beard, I didn't mean it to sound dirty

  2. Oh, wow, I'm kind of in a hurry and I just skimmed this list (and Gary's too. But I had to comment on #5. When we meant, I was gonna ask if your screen name was an homage to Groucho, but I kind of assumed you were just using it for the grrouchie persona you've adapted.

    I am HUGE fan of Groucho and the Marx Brothers. That was one of my big things in college, going to repeated showing of all their movies (back before DVD, VHS, even Betamax). You had to go to some place that was actually showing the films. I've read I'll bet at least 100 books on the Marx Brothers. "Groucho & Me"--Groucho's autobiography is one of my all time favorite books.

    So we have more in common than I thought, my friend.

    I didn't see that Groucho tattoo last month, tho, please don't tell me it's in a place I don't want to ever see!

    1. I own all their movies and I have probably 8 books in my trunk.
      Groucho is my de facto idol

    2. Thought Don Juan was going to buy the place?

    3. Temper temper
      Mr Dre, Mr NWA, Mr coming Straight out of Compton you all better make way.

      and I did call you, like 2 days ago when I was driving through the dangerous road conditions on the 15.

    4. I think I have all their films on Beta, VHS, and DVD. I'm still wondering if I should ask to see your Groucho tattoo next week.

      Oh...and that's the most ridiculous thing I EVER hoird.

    5. If there was ever one person in all of history that I wish I could have had the chance to meet and just spend an evening talking to and picking their brain, it's Groucho.

      My tat is on my shoulder.

      I'd like to befriend you enough that when you finally kick the bucket you leave me your Marx Brother collection :)
      I'll give you a dolla!

    6. Meant to add that in the 70's when he was old and feeble, I saw "An Evening with Groucho" at the L.A. Music Center. He wasn't sharp, but he had his moments and I was glad to see him live before he died (because it would be really hard to see him live after).

      Also, one of my best friends was a high school pal of Groucho's grandson Andy and once met Groucho face to face back then. I've urged her to come here and comment on that event.

      When I die, I'm taking Groucho with me, sorry.

  3. Glad to read #10. Thanks for sharing.

  4. I might steal this Idea... and btw Gwar rules....Great read

    1. I got into Gwar during Scumdogs. The chick I was dating at the time made a comment along the lines of "you should check out this band, they seem like your type" so I went out and bought the album without ever hearing a song and have been hooked since then.
      Have both of Brokie's Solo's and even have Ex Cops.
      Picking up Brockies Book sometime in the near future

  5. On #4....I am now a believer and may need to write a post on it soon. Bottom line: birds like manicured gardens. You may want to rethink that one...

    All in all...kinda scary to see how much of that list would pertain to me too!

    Best thing abput Groucho: he could be subtly dirty and get away with it.


    1. PS. 11 is extremely true. I'll take a 50" plasma and Redzone any day.


    2. I'll be patiently awaiting your post on it.
      And in the mean time, being single and without a chance to get any strange I'm pretty sure that it will not be affecting me adversely.

  6. Sad to say I didn't know some of these. :(

    1. I think this list was PT while the other one was BT lol
      yeah, totally - that's the ticket

    2. Tricia you have a husband, why in th world are you sad you don't know 25 random things about someone you dated 100 years ago?

    3. Because I'm the best thing since sliced bread and Everquest

  7. Grrouchie,

    We have a lot in common. I had not read your list when I wrote my top 25. That was my list from 3-4 years ago on Facebook. When I met with my doctor for the recent sleep study he asked how many ounces of caffeinated beverages I drink a day. I wrote 72. He looked at it and asked, "Is that 12 or 72? I hope 12."

    I'm totally with you on 12. There used to be a local comedian that ran a comedy college where he would spend a week working with you on joke writing and how to put together a stand up routine and then at the end of the week you do your act at a local comedy club. I never did it before he quit offering it and I regret it.

    I also own an NES, N64, Playstation, Playstation 2, Xbox, and Xbox 360. I never forgave my mom for throwing out my Intellivision system and Super NES.

    1. It does appear that I share a lot in common with you, pretty awesome.
      One day I will do an open mic night somewhere here in Vegas - I've got time - but I really need to get some material down which is the hardest part for me.
      Normally I'm a "fly by the seat of your pants" type of guy and I make my friends laugh at the random stuff that comes out of my mouth or my reactions to things.
      Prepared comedy is something that scares me because if I think something is funny and no one laughs I can blame it on bad timing or a bad punchline or "well it was funnier in my head."
      If I prepare something for weeks and then spout it off and no one laughs then I'm just plain not funny and I don't know if I can take that rejection right now (so I'm waiting) heh.

      Also - I know this is going to be horribly dorky - but my systems.
      NES, Snes, N64 x2,Gamecube, Playstation 2, Dreamcast, Playstation 3 x2, Xbox x2, Xbox 360 (had 3 at one point, ex got one and one died).
      Gameboy Color, Gameboy Micro, Nintendo DS Lite, Nintendo 3ds, PSP
      Biggest regret was trading in my PS1 towards the purchase of a PS2 because the PS2 is backwards compatible.
      I tell myself it's the "collector" in me, but it's probably more the pack rat