Saturday, December 22, 2012

Life is Beautiful

My favorite line in this whole song is "It's funny how love comes with so many lies"

I never was a huge fan of P.O.D. growing up and it was probably mostly that their songs deal a lot with religion and god and I personally find all of that stuff kind of boring.  However, the years have gone on and I don't judge nearly as much as I used to.  So, recently Amazon had a sale and this album was included in it and I enjoyed the one that was playing on the radio.  There are two songs that really caught my attention on my first listen and this was one of them.

Suicide and domestic violence are two touchy subjects to touch upon.  The latter having more of an effect on my thought process than the former.  However, I really dig this song and have been listening to it a couple of times a day on the way to and/or from work.

Christmas (Joan would be bloody happy I didn't abbreviate it Xmas this time) is literally right around the corner for me.  We are doing it tomorrow night and today I bought the last of my gifts.  Well, not 100% true since on Monday I have one more coming for my Old Man (see - I'm the son that keeps giving) and then have one more gift that will be bought/given on Weds that nobody knows about yet and nobody knows who it's for.  Oh I'm so sly.

Today I picked up the new Resident Evil Steelbook from Best Buy to go with the other Steelbooks that I have for the other movies and I also picked up Doctor Who Season 6 on Blu Ray for $19.99 (normally $74.99).  I now have Season 5 and 6 on Blu (both for that price at Best Buy right now) and I have Part One of Season 7 (which I really need to watch so I can start watching Part Two that airs really shortly).  Now I just have to start finding some of the older seasons cheaply.  I know I can just watch them all on Netflix and not have to worry about it but I do love me some physical copies of the things I really love.  It's a bad habit of mine.

I've flagged about 3 bazillion comic books and graphic novels that I really want to pick up over the course of the next year and the more I read the more I'm getting into other comics and story lines.  Today I started the Minimum Carnage story that spanned 6 issues and 3 separate comics (Carnage, Venom and Scarlet Spider).  This brings me to the fact that I'll probably have to read through Venom and Scarlet Spider and add those to my reading list.  My goal is to get caught up on the current Marvel Now comics and then start getting caught up on the DC New 52 comics that I know I like while starting to explore some others and see how I like them.
How can I afford all of this?  Well, I fucking can't.  Thank dog for piracy though.  I know that sounds horrible but whatever. I'm not above it.
In all fairness I will continue to support the talent that I really like with my hard earned money.  I'll treat this the same way I treat music which is I'll sample things and buy what I really like while ignoring the chaff.
And, in some instances that will be impossible.  For instance I really really really want to read through the entire Amazing Spiderman run during 2013 and this would be IMPOSSIBLE without piracy or a really large wallet.
Now, I suppose I could buy all the issues from Comixology but this still is not a viable solution. Issue #700 is going to be the last of the Amazing Spiderman run.  That means there are 700 issues plus all the ".1's" and the Annuals and.... you see where this is going.  It's probably closer to 750 issues.
Lets assume I can get all of them for $1.99 each - that's over $1500 that I'd have to spend to read the entire run.  That is just not going to happen as I don't like the webslinger that much.

This ass was better in person, FYI.


  1. Omg you should be ashamed if you took this photo on the clock! Cause you know you could do so much better!!

    1. was not my photo - received it in a text

      I'm not into doing things that could get me fired - I like my job and want to keep the money coming in.

  2. I would like to meet and personally thank the person that created yoga pants. They have added so much joy to the lives of so many men.

    1. Eh - most of the time the people in the Yoga pants are too skinny and kind of boring to look at....

      my preference is a larger sized lady