Wednesday, December 05, 2012


I have a lot more that I want to type up for my movie "review" but I really wanted to put this out there before I decided to go to sleep.

1st - I have not watched any of the previous movies nor have I read any of the books.
2nd - I went into this movie expecting to hate it and hopefully forget about it.
3rd - I wish the Frog brothers would have shown up and murdered the entire lot of them.

Without giving anything away at this point.
The big battle scene at the end teased me and then completely pissed me off.
Stephanie Meyer has absolutely no backbone.
Fuck you for what you did.
Twilight Sucks and I hate what you did.,

more later, but alas I Must Sleep Immediately


  1. I'm pretty sure that a guy has to leave his testicles at the door in order to see this flick. I hoped they were returned to you on your way out.

    1. Relationships are about compromise.
      I watch twilight and she watches The Hobbit, and Wreck it Ralph and Monsters Inc 3d