Sunday, December 09, 2012

The Great and Almighty MoJo

MOJO is a ringer.
He is a scam artist who has knowledge of the future.
He might have actually borrowed a Delorian and rode shotgun with Biff a few decades back just to take advantage of this one situation.

Everyone must rise up and revolt against this evil man before he harms us all.

I bow in your presence, overlord.


  1. But you linked to Lucki Duck, not Memphis Mojo?

    1. Yes - it was a link to this weeks football pick'em contest where MoJo "Magically" pulls Seattle out of his ass as they are going to give him 60+ points this week and quite a lead on me for 1st place...

      WTF? Seattle?

  2. I have met personally with MOJO many times. I never knew nor suspected ...

  3. It was automatic. I actually figured everyone else would take them, too (lol).