Friday, December 14, 2012

I hate Outlook

So, Yesterday I had this great post typed up about Chuck E Cheese and when I hit send (typed it at work and was emailing it to myself) Outlook crashed - the email was deleted (blank email saved in drafts) - nothing sent and nothing received.

Fuck Outlook!


  1. It is getting serious when she has kids and you lose this great post about Chuck E Cheese. ;)

    Might write using notepad and then copy to a thumb drive and outlook. That should be doable on a work system.

    1. I'm going to just start using my Google drive account and their word-like program.
      Should have done that in the first place.

      I'll just have to rethink the post and start over.

  2. It looks like my hotmail account is going to be phased out so MS can force me to go to Outlook. I hate that.

    1. Convert to gmail.
      I've been using that since the year it came out when you had to have super secret invites to use it and haven't used hotmail/yahoo since.

      Stay away from Outlook and tell me your football picks for the week :)