Friday, June 21, 2013

Grrouchie Thoughts with Hump Day Photos

First off, some Deadpool
I love the Game of Thrones design above and especially that the chair has guns from various video games like Gears of War.  Deadpool's Video Game comes out on the 25th and I have my copy pre-ordered.  One of the very few games that I have picked up this year and one of the few upon release.  I held off hoping that there would be some sort of special edition with a DP Statue but no luck, whatever.

Now that I'm back off of Vacation it's back to Wedding planning.  We just recently started looking at invitations and have found a couple that we really like.  Going to see if we can order samples in the colors we want and see how we like them up close and in person.
I do believe that she has changed her mind on the Honeymoon and it looks like we will probably be going to Hawaii now.  I expect this to change 3-5 more times before we book the flight and hotel though so this probably won't be the last you hear me talking about her changing her mind on a destination.
The good news is that no matter where we go we will be getting help from her amazing Aunt who is going to help us with hotel and flight to cut our costs down.  

I still haven't shelled out for the Skyrim Legendary Edition like I wanted to, but with Deadpool coming in the mail I can afford to hold out for a while longer.

Whilst at my local Comic Shop the other day I saw a new comic that caught my eye because of the author, Max Brooks.  Because of his amazing book World War Z and how enjoyable he was at the speaking engagement that I attended a few years back (Even though I missed out on getting my book signed) I forgive him for being his fathers kid :)  So, I picked up Issue #1 of The Extinction Parade and really enjoyed it.
It's put out by a small Comic Press called Avatar and while looking at their website I noticed that they had a special edition of the comic (limited to a 1000 print run) with a leather bound cover.  Due to getting a bonus in my PayPal account recently I decided to order the 1st 3 issues this way.  Issue #2 comes out in July and #3 in August.  After I see the quality of the 1st Issue I'll decide then if I'm going to continue to get the whole series this way (I believe it's only an 11 issue run) or if I'll just stick to a particular cover style I like.
You all will be getting pics of Issue #1 when it comes in.  I'm a bit excited.

My computer lately has decided that it likes to just disconnect me from the net randomly and often.  It's a bit annoying but I know she can hold out for a while longer.  I can get her to last until after the wedding and I'll be happy about that.  I'm thinking about talking my parents into the larger Kindle Fire HD for either Birthday or Xmas this year (maybe they'll Apple that shiz and put out a new version every year?) because right now my only wishlist is $$$$ to help pay for the wedding.


  1. My mind had already been working today. The pictures just added fuel to the fire. Now where be that wife o' mine? lol

  2. Some nice pics but I thought "humpday" was Wednesday? Or is today you're Wednesday?

    1. *your*
      Weds is hump day but I didn't want to save those pics until next week