Saturday, June 01, 2013

Trying to get back on track

So, with my 2 month stagnation that really was the result of being too strict on myself and then over indulging because that's what us fat people do, I've been trying to get back on track the last couple of weeks.

Where it all went wrong? Easter - more specifically Lent.
For the first time ever I gave up something, snacking specifically.
It was tough - it sucked - I hated it.  However, I lasted.
Then when Lent ended I went on a binge and ate a TON of bad stuff, more than I care to admit.

So, I had cut out too much snacking and made great progress.  Then I started eating it all again and the progress stopped.  I maintained, which I'm proud of, for the past 2 months at around 235 but needed a kick start to getting back to the weight loss.
So, I went on a 2 week period where I ate like crap, just whatever I wanted.  Wanted to get it out of my system.  I gained 6 pounds and topped out at 241.
Then I went back to better eating and dropped the extra 6 within 3-4 days.

I'm now trying to refine my food intake, the old routine grew stale after a year plus - that might have been part of the problem.
I've heard how protein is good for you and helps to curb hunger, how you should eat a good amount of it daily.  So I've added in Greek Yogurt 2 - 3 times per day.  My morning breakfast now consists of a Greek Yogurt and a banana.  I'll have another Yogurt before lunch and sometimes before dinner or as a late night snack.  It definitely appears to be helping curb my appetite and helping me to eat smaller meals and not feel so hungry.

I'm thinking of either cutting out the salads for a while or just cutting back on them, though I have not really decided what I'm doing yet (just in the thinking process).  I'm also attempting to try and track my food better.
When I was doing Weight Watchers I was just mentally tracking everything.  I had so much to lose to start that I didn't need to track, I was just losing weight by making better decisions.  That's not happening any more and I know I need to cut back.
So, I'm currently trying out a calorie tracker to help make better decisions on what I put in my body.
My goal is to track every day this month and see where I end up.

With that in mind I know that tomorrow for dinner my love is making taco's - which means I have to do some calculations on about how many calories the taco's are going to be so that I can plan on how many I'll be eating.  I'll make sure to drink a big fat glass of water about 30 minutes before eating so that I feel full quicker as well.


  1. The Wife is going to group led by a nutritionist. It's really helping her a lot. She's consistently losing a half pound to a pound every week. The group is covered by HPN, maybe other insurances too. Let me know if you want details. She says group is fun, younger crowd, & very supportive/informative/entertaining/etc.

    1. With my retail work my schedule is too wonky to consistently attend groups but thanks for the offer.

      This is just a matter of me regaining focus and continuing to look at the long term bigger picture instead of the "oh that looks tasty" picture.

  2. Greek Yogurt is like magic. 110 calories or so, relatively low sugar/carbs, and 18 grams of protein. Like you, I have several a day.

    1. I've tried Greek Yogurt several times and had trouble getting into it. Tried plain and Vanilla and just couldn't do it.
      So, right now I'm able to eat the fruit versions - Strawberry, Blue Berry or Peach and enjoying them.
      140 calories but even if I eat 3 the extra 90 calories (right now) isn't a big deal...
      After I really get used to them I'm going to try to work in a plain one now and then to see if my taste buds have adapted and will allow me to eat it that way without wanting flavor!