Sunday, June 30, 2013

Under 225

Even though today is not Saturday and my last post was not Saturday and dealt with weight loss I wanted to share the results of yesterday's weigh-in.

I consider breaking this Quarter Hundred a milestone as well because this means just counting backwards from 300 I've lost over 75 pounds now.....  80 is just on the horizon.

Also, I find it funny that while I've been taking these pictures I seem to get a lot of feedback on my feet.
Everyone likes to make jokes from Hobit Feet to needing a pedicure and whatnot.
I'll continue to show my toes off as I continue to reprogram my scale to show lower numbers in the biggest and longest April Fools Day 2014 prank ever.....
maybe not

Last I checked where I was in Vegas only hit 112 but our high was 114.
It's 6:45 am and it's already 92 with a high of 115.
Stay inside and I hope you drank plenty of water YESTERDAY.
Drink Plenty of water today because Hydration Starts the day BEFORE folks.
And we appear to be Walking on the Sun!


  1. Last time I saw feet like that, it came with a prehensile tail.

    Congrats on the milestone!

    1. Oh - I have the tail too - I just have issues getting it in the pic at the same time

  2. So where did you buy the fake scales?

  3. Shaving those bad boys should be good for another 3-4 pounds. But good job, man!

    1. I'm saving that "trick" for the last few pounds I need to lose

  4. 300 pounds down to 225 is a huge hairy feat!

    1. I will not go down in de-feet with your comment sir.