Thursday, June 27, 2013


It appears as though June is going to go down as my 3rd lowest month of total posts.
This one breaks the tie with the 2nd lowest.

I'm at this stage where I know that changes have been made but because I see myself every single day (and because I have low self image to begin with) I don't notice them but based on comments and conversations with other people around me..... well, I guess there is no conspiracy to have an entire group of people lie to me just to boost my confidence.

I started this journey at over 300 pounds and soon enough I'll have dropped 100 (well, give me a few months at least) and I have bought smaller clothes.
People at work lately have been asking me what my secret is, or asking me to share advice or whatever. Some of them are sincere and generally want to make an effort to try to lose weight and others want to lose weight without putting in any effort.
Below is what I generally share.  Some people tell me that it's just "too hard" though and I know those people want to change but don't want to have to go through the effort. Others keep asking me questions.
Oddly enough, I'm really enjoying the attention.
The advice I usually give:
1 - Stop eating so much fast food.
2 - Pack your lunch
3 - cut down on snacks
4 - count your calories

#4 being the biggest one.  You can snack and eat fast food as long as you are aware of how many calories you need to have in a day to reach your desired goals and consistently stay around that goal.
If you are going to tell me that it's just too difficult to count calories then you just haven't reached that point of no return where you want to make a change and are serious about it.
I tried a million different times to lose weight and every time it failed because I just didn't want it bad enough.
I love food too much and eventually gave up.

However, the big 300 scared me straight and I have been doing great since then.
I'm just now getting to the point where I'm getting used to actually eating a smaller amount and not craving more afterwards or constantly craving snacks.
Don't get me wrong, I still want snacks.  Just not as often is all.  A couple days ago I gave into temptation and bought a bag of Spicy Nacho Doritos and accidentally at the whole bag over the course of one work shift.  My Bad.

I know I'm thinner.
I know I'm smaller.
I know my body has gone through a good transformation so far.
However, I still see the same fat-ass when I look in the mirror.
When I see my gut hanging over.
When I see the pictures my fiance took of me, topless, at the beach.
I still hate what I see.

This means I still have a lot of room for improvement.

While 200 pounds is my next major goal I've also added another one.
Whatever my weight is come Halloween I need to be a lot skinnier because I think me and my boy are both going as Deadpool.
I don't want to be a big fat Deadpool.  Nobody wants to see a fat man in tights.


  1. Keep up the great work, sir.

    One thing I notice that made a real difference with me, particularly when the "easy weight" had already come off, was to basically eliminate sugar from my diet. Cut out sugar, and limit carbs to 100 or less a day (which is harder than you might think), and weight will melt off.

    1. I'm probably still at the easy weight as it's still coming off consistently as long as I'm sticking to my goals.
      However, cutting out sugar is hard to do especially with my Greek Yogurt addiction :)

  2. I would definitely add exercise to that list and I know that you do. Along with diet it has a big impact on weight loss and overall health. I've seen alot of people concentrate too much on diet and not exercise and they tend to yo-yo with the weight. Not an expert at all just my personal observations. It's hard to keep up with it but improving muscle tone can really make a difference. You've done great so far. I have never had the will power to diet or eat right and should weigh 300lbs they way I eat but am lucky. Keep up the good work, stay positive.

    1. Agree with the WO. However, I will say this: based on my experience, diet is far more important than working out. I worked out for years before I really began a truly clean diet (last August) and have continued to work out since. It was only after I cut sugar and greatly limited carb intake that I really got lean (and have been able to maintain). By limited carbs and sugar, you also don't have to worry about calories so much. I don't go overboard; but I am also never hungry. If I get hungry, I just eat something healthy. Plain Greek yogurt . . . Muscle Milk shake . . . nuts, etc.

      That said, some of us (including myself) are starting to get old(er). I think the workouts (particularly cardio) are important just to exercise the heart, keep BP low, and generally stay healthy . . .

    2. For the most part all I do (and all I want to do) is cardio - and the biggest reason is because I have asthma and the cardio helps to build my lungs.
      I've been told to do swimming instead and I'd like to work that in but I have to remember to get to the gym while the pool is open. We will see how that works out for me.

      I'm up to mostly healthy snacks now so I'm happy about that.
      One day at a time, one pound at a time

  3. Nothing is worse than someone giving advise on the net but with that said a little machine work on upper body might help get better results. Just helps get and keep muscle tone. I don't do heavy weights anymore but stick to machines mostly. I understand not wanting to. I hate cardio but I really have to force myself to. Great progress so far tho.

    1. Agreed . . . In fact, just got back from a run. Stopped off at the gym on the way back for a quick 15 sets -- 4 pull ups; 4 chin ups; 4 rows; 3 lat pulls . . . just enough to maintain . . .

  4. Also I can't talk about diet. It consists of pizza burgers steaks and doughnuts every morning. I would die if I had to eat healthy. I'm sure it would be in my best interest to eat better but I could never diet. Don't know anyone does it. Ill be in town next week for an extended time so might actually have time for a beer. Been crazy busy my last few visits

    1. I'm not dieting - I've just changed my daily eating habits.
      I still eat the stuff I want and pretty much when I want it.

      For Father's Day (week) I had two racks of ribs.
      I ate a bag of Doritos the other day because I could.
      I went to BK when my love and child showed up to my work for dinner one night.
      I ate half a pizza recently.
      I could go on.

      I just monitor what goes in and make adjustments where necessary. I have a delicious Turkey Burger every day for lunch at work. I'm eating more Fruits and drinking more water.

    2. Let me know when you'll be around and we'll see what we can do.