Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Moving along nicely again

So my new focus, eating habits and attempts to get to the gym have all started having the positive effect that I was hoping they would.  From a peak of 241 during my "do whatever the hell I want phase" I am now down to 233 which is the lowest I reached before I hit my plateau.  I'm hoping that I'll be down to 230 here pretty soon and then moving on to new and uncharted territory.

I know we are only 4 days into June but thus far I have been tracking everything I eat to make sure that I do not go over my calorie goal (though one day I went over by 35 or so) and I have even gone so far as to plan ahead and see how many calories the things I want to eat would take up to make sure I can fit it into my "budget."

After a week I'm going to give myself a cheat day but the word cheat is being used a bit differently than it is normally associated with diet and exercise.  For me it's just a day where I eat something that I've been craving while at the same time maintaining my calorie count for the day.

What I'm really craving right now is a Bobbie.  For those of you who don't know, a sub shop named Capriotti's makes this sandwich, The Bobbie, which is Thanksgiving dinner on a bun.  Turkey, mayo, stuffing, cranberry, amazingly delicious.  However, deliciousness comes at a price and that price is the number 992.
Nine Hundred Ninety Two calories for the small sub (the small is 9 inches).

On paper I've already worked out my meals on paper so that I can fit this bad boy into my schedule.  It would be a very light eating day other than that but I'm also planning on hitting the gym early in the day so that I can give myself an extra 400-500 calories to play with just in case I get the hankering for anything else.

Today I hit the gym for the 2nd day in a row. Worked the elliptical again and instead of trying to see how quickly I could log my miles I decided that I wanted to up the tension to give myself a better workout.
Every minute I increased the difficulty by 1 until I got to 15.  Then I would decrease it by 1 every 2 minutes and by the time I got down to level 10 again it's time for my 5 minute cool down.

Next time I'm going to start at level 5 and work my way up and try to go down a level ever 3 minutes instead.

Now we'll just have to see how badly it all goes to hell when the Disney trip rolls around next Wednesday heh!


  1. As much walking as you will do around Disney, I think you'll deserve a little bit of a treat. Keep up the good work!

    1. Thanks.
      I want to get a pedometer (and saying or typing that word really makes me feel like a pervert....) to see how much I actually walk while there.

  2. Cut the Bobbie in half (or in thirds) and enjoy it 2 or 3 times that day - that should help. Oh, and more importantly, congratulations! We are the same weight right now sir. I derailed and went UP to 240 before I decided that I'm totally fixing this problem. I've lost 7 pounds since May 18th, but after my last day at Harper's on Saturday, WATCH OUT! I am going to exercise SO HARD in the next few weeks... Proud of your progress - keep it up!

    1. Yeah Coach, I was thinking to eat part of it for lunch before work and then finish it on my dinner break.

      So we both were losing weight, then gained more weight (you up to 240 and me to 241) and now are losing again.

      I think after I get back from Disney we should have ourselves a little challenge.... Hopefully at that point we'll still be hovering within a couple of pounds of each other.

      Keep up your good work as well.