Monday, June 10, 2013

500th Post - Nothing worthwhile inside

This, right here, marks my 500th post since I started doing this and kept with it.  The number would be a lot bigger if I never bothered to delete everything I had previously written (multiple times) to start anew but it is what it is.

With that I thought I should share another Milestone.

I glanced down at a red light the other day and noticed that my odometer had just passed the 100,000 mile mark.

This will be my last post until I get back from Disneyland.  We take off on Wednesday and will be coming back on Sunday.  I'm hoping to have a lot of pictures and a few good stories to tell.  Maybe even some clean ones.
I'm also hoping that 5 days out of town and eating poorly won't set me back too much.  Even if it does I'll just jump back on the path I have been taking and right my wrongs.

Today at work someone was asking me what I currently weighed and I told them.  One guy mentioned that he was 189 and he's never been as big as me.
I told him that by next April (by my wedding day) that I'd be down to his weight or less.
He told me he'd buy me two cheeseburgers if I got there!
Bet Accepted sir, bet accepted.

Here is a really good article on how Tim Tebow had to renounce Jesus and now Worships Satan.

Today the new patio door for my house got put in.
I need to go shopping and pick up a couple of pairs of shorts now that all of mine are way too big on me.
Losing weight is expensive.

Hope everyone has a great end of week and weekend and I'll catch up with y'all next week sometime!


  1. Have a great vacation! And eat TONS, because you officially weigh less than me now... ;)

    1. We will see next Monday after I eat bad for 5 days. :)