Monday, June 24, 2013

Father Son Day

So yesterday ended up being a last minute impromptu father/son day for me and the boy.

The story behind it:

A couple of days after returning from Disney the child gets a call from his sperm donor telling him that he's going to pick him up next week and take him to a movie.  He asks him what day he wants to see the movie to which the response was "Saturday."
He then asks what movie he wants to see, "Monsters University."
He then tried to talk him into Man of Steel but the kid wasn't budging.  So he ends with "OK, I'll pick you up Saturday and we'll see the movie."

Saturday rolls around and he calls asking if he wants to go to a Pool Party with some of his friends and like a child getting tired of being blown off and screwed over he said "No, you said you'd take me to the movies today."
He tried, unsuccessfully to convince him to go to the party but the child was not budging.  He wanted what he was promised.  He wanted to go to the movies.
So the sperm donor ends the conversation with "I don't even know why I bother" and hangs up the phone.

A 51 year old man (and I only use the term man as in he has a penis and helped to create another life) who can't follow through on his promises and then gets pissed off at the 7 year old child because the child wants what he was told he was going to get.
Of course this is not the 1st time that something was promised and not followed through on and the child is starting to really get tired of it.
At one point he made the comment "he doesn't deserve to be my dad" and called him a jerk.

So, later in the day the sperm donor calls back and tells him that he'll pick him up Sunday instead and take him to the movies but at this point the kid doesn't even care any more because one broken promise begat's another.

Sunday is normally our breakfast morning.  She closes every Sunday and I either Close or have off (3 of the 4 Sunday's per month) so I go over for breakfast with the family.  Yesterday was one of those Sunday's where I didn't have to work so I agreed to spend the day with MYchild because that other douche bag was blowing him off again.

After breakfast we went to my place and played some Spiderman: Web of Shadows and then headed out to see Monsters University which I really enjoyed.
Monsters Inc  is probably my favorite Pixar movie and as such I've been looking forward to University for quite a while.  The awesome part of this movie is that (with my undying love for 80's movies) it reminded me so much of Revenge of the Nerds.  They put a lot of good stuff in this movie for the parents taking their kids to go see it.  So, Instant SCORE for me.
After that we came back to my place where we played some Lego Indiana Jones, Marvel vs Capcom, Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe and Guitar Hero World Tour (because he likes to bang on the drums).

After that I drove him home and my mother-in-law baby-sat for a couple of hours while I took my love out for a couple of drinks and conversation.

All in all it was an amazing day and the closer it all becomes to a reality the more I am looking forward to having them with me all day/everyday.

Nine (hopefully) short months until the big day.

While in line buying EXTRA buttery popcorn I got to snag a couple of pics of him and two up coming movies.
Stoked about this movie next month

I'll see it, but the 1st was only O.K.



  1. Awesome that you are there to be what dental floss dick can't or won't be. Moments like that are what define a childhood to a kid. Very glad you were there to be the MAN. Kudos with the highest regards.

    1. Thank you kindly.
      I hope to give him good memories to look back upon instead of negative ones.

  2. I trust that this young boy will start to understand what a true father is. Fatherhood: The greatest unpaid job in the world.

    1. I'm working on it.
      And yes - the rewards are amazing.

  3. Yeah - but then you'd have a ton of underground baby makers defying the law and we'd still be in the same situation.

  4. So, after you and the future Mrs get married, are you going to legally adopt him?

    It sucks that he's learning the hard way (and at such a young age) that some people are just worthless junk. I'm so glad that you and the kid get along and he'd rather spend time with you than waste a thought on that db.

    1. I'm going to completely leave that up to him when he is old enough to make the decision.

      My step mom is my only true mom and honestly adoption never really crossed my mind growing up because she took care of me and loved me and I never thought of her as my step-mom, only my mom.

      I have never believed that you need to have legal papers for something to exist. Was never a big fan of marriage for the same reason (until recently that is). If we love each other why do we have to have paperwork to tell us that?
      Also - he currently calls me dad now and then and I don't need court paperwork to tell me where I stand.