Sunday, July 21, 2013

38 and XL

For my interview tomorrow I decided a new pair of pants and new shirts.

Pant Size 38 - Still need too lose a little for these to be more comfortable but they do fit.
Shirt size XL.

Most my shirts are double or triple X - I have come a long way.
My pants started at 46.....

Then I came home and went to the gym - and afterwards tried to run (most of) half a mile.
Now heading out to meet up with some friends!


  1. Replies
    1. My next goal is to hit 200 pounds which will put me slightly over 100 lost (1/3rd of my weight, f'n surreal).
      Ultimately I want to hit 180 by the end of April for my wedding.

    2. damm well good luck bro. if i make it to vegas . i will look u up and get yr old clothes. i am cheap like that . lmao

  2. Nice work Serge! I would even say the xl shirts are looking a little roomy. 180 is definitely an achievable goal, keep working at it!

    1. Thanks.
      I've had a few people mention that the shirt is too big. I'm going to see if they have the same shirt down a size and see how that fits.

  3. Way to stick with it, man. 10" off the waist is huge. So impressive I'm not even going to sully it by making a cheap ten inches joke.