Friday, July 19, 2013

Getting back on Track (with puppies)

There are lots of little things that have sort of slipped towards the way side recently and it's time to start getting back on track.
It is the dead of summer and I can't tell you how many times I have lifted my shorts next to a fan to get that breeze blowing up to the boys just to make life feel better for a few moments before returning to reality.  This dog to the left is brilliant laying down next to the AC Duct like that.  Too bad he doesn't have any boys so he'll never know the true unadulterated bliss of a nice cool breeze against his scrote.
 I've been wanting to hit the gym but the weather outside is frightful and is making me lazier than I want. There are several times where I'll try to talk myself into it on the way home only to end up talking myself out of it the moment I step out of my car to go to my house and the heat is blaring down on me. It has just sucked all of the motivation out of me currently.  I know that on days like today I really should just wake up and go before heading to work but I've never had the motivation to do that and I probably won't.  So, I've been thinking, maybe I bring my gym clothes to work with me so that I can just stop at the gym on the way home and change there.  I dunno if this is a solution that will work for me but it's worth a shot I guess.

 Wedding planning, scary shit.  Gotta get back on track here as well.  We have both just slacked off recently and yesterday I get a call saying that we need to get our asses in gear because a joke I made about our slacking is giving her some bad voodoo. Said she had this dream that the wedding suddenly was here and we were too lazy to finish plans and everything went to hell.  Women worry too much if you ask me.  Everything will fall in place as it is supposed to, but for now - WE Plan!
 This dog is one bad ass MOFO.  There is not a whole lot to add to that picture in all honesty.
Forget the past and move towards the future.
 Eating healthier.  I'm in no position to complain about anything as I've done a tremendous job and for the last couple of weeks I've maintained well. However, I've snacked too much as a reward for finally breaking 225 and now I've got to cut that back out and focus on getting below 220 and 215 and... you get the picture.  So, I will climb back aboard that train come Saturday.  I know I should say today but work is having a BBQ and I know I'm going to indulge.  So, Saturday it is.
Today I'm meeting my lady for lunch, I'm over indulging at work and then maybe afterwards if I'm feeling up for it....oh... Screw it.  I'm starting Monday.  Tomorrow is a birthday party for a friend and dammit I'm going to drink a lot.
Monday (I see what I did there), I totally promise that I'll do it Monday - you know, unless something else gives me a good reason to put it off until say Thursday or so heh!
I miss my Boston Terrorist 

Now, time to go shower so that I can enjoy a good lunch.

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