Monday, July 29, 2013

Parental Units Unite

Today was one of those days that was kinda sorta planned in the back of my head for quite a while.  We talked about it and wanted to do it and it just sort of all came into fruition starting 2 or 3 days ago.

Finally we had a big ole family outing where we introduced our parents.
Pretty strange shit.
I wasn't really nervous but I was hoping that everything would go well.
I mean, I'm a pretty F'n cook kid to say the least and I know that my future in-laws love me and I know that my parents love the shit out of my Fiance and her child as well.  So, everything really was already set up for a good meeting - and that is what happened.

We decided to take them to Maggiano's since that is where our reception is going to take place. This would give everyone a chance to sample some of the food that they might (or might not) be eating (depending on what we decided to have provided for everyone).  And, everyone loved everything that they had.

This was the 3rd time that I have eaten there and today I opted to try Mom's Lasagna which turned out to be pretty fantastic.  My Fiance got the Gnocchi and Italian Sausage (that I ordered on Valentines Day).  My old man got the Spaghetti with One Giant Meatball (and it was HUGE) while my mom ordered Salmon.  Her parents ordered two chicken meals - One Chicken Parmigiana and her did ordered something else I didn't quite catch.
He set his order up with "What would you recommend? I like chicken but I don't like the crap my wife orders.." and I might have been the only one to catch that but I laughed on the inside.
The kids ordered Pizza and Chicken Fingers.  I was impressed by how much Pizza came out for a kids meal and also by how delicious the Chicken Fingers look.
We followed it up with desert of mostly cheesecake.
I left very full and very happy.
Everyone had a good time, there was lots of conversation and when we left lots of hugging.

I love both my families, the one I've had for years and the one I'm marrying into.
I am truly living a blessed life currently.


  1. my Spaghetti with One Giant was fantastic thank you Son

  2. Maggiones is a chain that doesn't feel like a chain. Good food and large portions.

    1. Yeah - It's quite a treat now and then - and everything is delicious.