Thursday, July 25, 2013

Slowly Dying

I know I've complained about it before but this computer really wants to kick the bucket.
It seems to go through phases where it works perfectly fine and then out of nowhere you can't do anything with it.
The other day it decided to crash hard again and wouldn't let me boot up (again).
I went into the start-up repair and it wouldn't even find an operating system.

Some tinkering got it working again and I haven't noticed any problems since then, maybe it just wanted to be turned off for a few days - who knows.

However, it's now running again which means I'll be able to sit down and type up a post or two.
I've gone one semi-written on my phone about my last poker session (which was negative in terms of profitability).

I've seen The Conjuring and Turbo recently.

I've also got to make a major work decision by the end of tomorrow.
But first, off to work where we are doing a mock-inventory and I'm running into issues with a certain product group that were created by corporate!

1 comment:

  1. Power Supply! Could be CPU fan but first choice is power supply. Running the boot diagnostic would help eliminate memory and cpu failures. Let it run overnight or while at work.