Sunday, November 03, 2013

A day of rest?

This is completely weird and I'm not sure how to handle it.  This is a very rare Sunday in which I have off but the Fiance is working most of the day leaving me to do whatever it is I actually feel like doing.
I could play video games all day or I could watch football all day.  I've got decisions to make and my brain is at a loss :)

What I do know is that I have a strat game scheduled for 11 am this morning but after that is over then it's FREEDOM!
Speaking of strat - I've really been debating just quitting the league and the game.  My free time is so little right now between work and spending what free time I have with the family.  Not living with them I really hate to schedule something else in a time slot when I could be spending time with them instead.  Even if it's just 1-3 hours it really does cut into the limited time I already have with them each and every week.
So, maybe it's time for one of my hobbies to bite the dust and just be done with it?  I'll keep thinking on that and get back to myself later.

I just finished my Day 3 Morning Plank and I'm happy with where I am at thus far.  I feel I'm going to get a lot further in this challenge than I expected and that's pretty cool.  Sometimes you don't know what you can do until you push yourself to try I guess.  We will see how I feel on day 10 and 15 when the times actually start getting difficult.

Last night before passing out I caught up on Deadpool Kills Deadpool and out of the 3 little mini-series in this vein this probably was my least favorite. Everything felt too rushed and there wasn't enough action.  I really feel this is one of those instances where the scope should have been cut down or they should have drawn it out to 8 issues.  Of course there is either another mini-series coming out of it or there is a 1-shot coming in January "Night of the Living Deadpool."

Also, because my comic book shop finally got Infinity Volume 2 in I am now able to start reading that series.  Of course, I'm just going to go through and read the main one at this time and when I can find a torrent to download that has the entire collection including all off the tie-ins (like with Avengers vs X-Men) I'll go through and read the entire work of art and judge it on a whole.  But, I do love me some Thanos.

Since I'm on Comic books I realize I need to cut down on what I'm buying (not reading).  It's getting time to do some soul searching and just settle on a few titles that I want to have in my collection and the rest I can get digitally.  It is a little painful but we will see what I can come up with.
The biggest problem is that there are so many good ones out there right now and a lot of little series I like to pick up.  For Instance Infinity (even though I don't pull a single Avengers book) and Robocop and the new one from Max Brooks that is costing me way more than any other comic due to me collecting a more limited version of it (that one, however, is being fully funded by this blog so I'm hoping the funds don't run out before the issues do).

So, back on topic.  Day free, strat game at 11.
After that (depending on what the 1st set of games are) I'll probably go pick up my boy and bring him back here so he can complain that football is still on while wanting me to play video games with him and watch Ridiculousness on my tablet.  It's such a shame that these new additions to my family are not into football but I guess you take the good with the bad.


  1. The Infinity series at Marvel really does benefit from reading the Avengers and New Avengers tie-ins (Avengers moreso than New Avengers). I can't speak to the other tie-ins, but if you can get those, I highly recommend it. There should be a chart in the back of Infinity #1 telling you what order to read them.

    1. Once Infinity has run its course I'm going to go back and read the entire thing with the tie-ins. I haven't read but some of the preludes and Infinity (free comic book day) and Infinity #1 thus far. I've set the rest of them aside for the time being.

  2. Planked for the first time yesterday. Got to a minute fairly comfortable. Prolly could get to 1.5 minutes. The 5 minute goal seems damn tough, though!

    1. 5 minutes I don't think I have a shot at.
      My personal goal is to get to 2.5 by the end of the month and I think I can achieve that if I push myself