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Saturday, November 30, 2013

Holiday Spirit

So today I'm at the local grocery store to buy a six pack and the lines are longer than I'd like them to be.  I was searching for the shortest line when a couple with approximately 14 carts full of crap said that I could go ahead of them since I only had one thing.
I thanked them and walked up to my next place in line.
While waiting I heard them talking about decorating their tree and the lady was asking the guy if they should buy candy canes to add to the tree or not.  There was no real answer given, it was a short conversation.

When my turn came I bought my beer and a box of candy canes.  I turned to the couple and thanked them again for letting me go ahead and told them that I was leaving behind the paid box of candy canes for their tree.

The lady and the cashier both got a huge grin on their face and the lady thanked me and told me it was really sweet.
I thanked her one last time for the kindness and headed home.

The day before as I ended my day of work I bought each of my employees a $5 gift card and had it placed in the cash office.  I sent out an email to them and let them know that I appreciated all the help they have provided especially during the busy holiday season and let them know that they just had to get a manager to get the card out of the office for them.

$5 isn't much but it'll cover a snack and a drink.



  1. You old softy!

    Or should we be trying to figure out what the guilt trip is about?


    1. Old and soft, yes.
      But when I get rock hard abs I'll be asking you to take that ish back

  2. That was very nice of you grrouchie, i am also buying xmas for 6 kids at a women's shelter in Laredo Texas. I will never meet the kids but i know at least they will have a smile on there face that's good enough.

    1. Yeah, I like to give back a little here and there and when I'm better off financially I'll do more. I got that from my parents.

      They just donated 5 or 6 complete turkey dinners to the local Air Force Base for families who couldn't afford it and they regularly donate a van full of food (cereal, soda, canned goods, etc) as well.

      I want to get back into donating to at least an underprivileged family during the holidays starting next year - I'll try to get my boy involved by helping to pick out a present or two to donate.

  3. Good stuff. It never hurts to be thankful and generous.

    Since I am back to managing some people at work, I always try to show appreciation, whether that means buying some small gift to say "thank you" or by telling them how much I appreciate their contribution.

    Those of us who have a little extra cashish can do wonders by being generous to those who could use a helping hand. Or, in the case of the person who lets you go in front in line, saying "thank you again" when ready to leave always leaves a smile on someone's face.