Monday, November 18, 2013

Getting back on track with More Yoga Pants

(NOTE: Due to Google determining that this post violated policy because people are sexualizing yoga pants (6 years after it was posted none the less) I have deleted all of the Yoga Pants.  You can thank google for being fucking lame:)

At the beginning of November I had week with a bit over 65k steps.
Two weeks ago I went for over 80k steps.
This past week I ended up with 90,314 total steps.
I am quite happy with my progress and I'm starting to get back on track and get more active again.

I've still got a ways to go before I'll be hitting 100k weeks regularly but I know what it's going to take and I just have to push myself to get there.  The big thing is that I need to make sure that on my work days I get in my 15k steps no matter what.  This will help to make up for the days when I don't work and I know I'm going to be lazy (especially when I don't get to the gym).  So, that is the first thing.

Today I accomplished that go and did over 15k at work.  Tomorrow I hope to do the same and then I have off Weds and Thurs and I'm going to try my hardest to get motivated to get to the gym for an hour each day.

This will be hard because I do have a new Video Game System sitting at home begging me to spend precious time with it.

I finished season 5 of Dexter and will be starting Season 6 within the next few days.
I think I'm going to use Dexter as a way to stay at the gym a bit longer.  Watch a full episode as I'm at the gym which will make me go about 50 minutes and then I just have to get myself to do the last 10 minutes just to hit an hour.  I'll try this a few times and see how well it works for me.

 Now that the new generation of video game systems are here I'm going to need to go through my older games and set aside those that I'm going to actually play and those that are just going to be there to look pretty.  I'm also thinking about getting a binder for each system (older gen only) and putting the discs in the binders and getting rid of the cases so that I can free up some space.  This I haven't talked myself into but it's been something I've been thinking about.  PS1, PS2, Game Cube, xbox, Xbox 360 and PS3.  My game collection does take up a pretty good amount of space.

I'm too distracted by the pictures to continue.... I'll have to follow this up with something else in the near future.


  1. Okay, you've shamed me into dusting off my Buns of Steel video. Damn you, grrouchie! (BTW, the chick in the purple bra has a freaky body. Not in a good way.)

  2. Keep up the good work on getting your steps in. I walked a half mile last night and it was the first on purpose exercise I've done in quite a while. It was a little distracting trying to read your words. Just Sayin'

  3. Damn it, man! Your penchant for visual eye candy is hazardous to my work time. You are like the TMZ of blogging.

  4. great post,sir. awesome pics. keep up the good work.

  5. Nice, grrouchie serge you should set up a yoga bum bum contest.

  6. Some people actually read the post?

  7. The pic of the gal in the purple bra is probably photo-shopped.

    If not, I would pay 10 bucks to see her lie flat on her back and just stand up.

    1. no she is real i just cant remember her name . her pic is on alot. she is a model in LA. surprise u dont know her. LMAO

    2. found her denise milani is her name

    3. think I Got that pic from The Chive Actually :)

    4. Thanks, anger. I'm really concerned. I actually had heard of Denise Milani before. I think I came across her looking for pics for my blog.

      But....I forgot all about her.

      This is serious. I must be losing my mind totally if I could forget about this girl.

      That said....I've done a little research and although some sites she she is real on top, I saw at least one site that lists her as "enhanced."

      Another site said she had a 19 inch waist.

      A 19 inch waist.

      To go along with a 34 DDD bust!?!

      If she is real, she is a total, total, freak of nature.

      I need to give this a thorough, one-on-one examination to determine the naturalness of this girl's asset.

      I promise it won't take more than a year.

    5. my kind of freak.she is smoking, dude.i know stating the obv.her facebook page will make u go thru a box of kleenex/ LMAO