Sunday, November 10, 2013

The woes of A Pittsburgh Steelers Fan

2003 was the last time the Steelers had a losing season.  It's been a while.
Before that it was 1999.  We have been good for over a decade.  We have been consistent.  This year is very painful to watch. I'm hoping it's a one year abirition but it sure doesn't feel like it.
Last season was 8-8 and this season I suspect we'll get bout 6, maybe 7 wins but I do feel it's going to be below .500.

We do have some tools in place but without an offensive line it's getting harder and harder to win games.  Drafting two guys in the 1st two rounds last year was supposed to sure us up along with Pouncey, but injuries have decimated us once again and we are left playing people like Guy Whimper and whoever that center is that was rejected during the season and released.

Bell seems like eventually he could be good, but when you get excited about a guy carrying it 20+ times and still not reaching 100 yards - is there really anything worth getting excited about?
Jarvis Jones is going to be an impact player as soon as he figures out how to play in the NFL.  He looks like a rookie at times.  Worilds has not developed into the guy they thought he would and is only a fill in until Jones is ready to go or until we stop getting injuries (as I write this Woodley was injured again and didn't finish the game against Buffalo).

The secondary looks awful this year.  Ike Taylor appears to have lost a step and Clark/Polamalou just don't appear to have the same chemistry as before.  When you are forced to start either Allen or Gay (who we got rid of previously because he was awful) in the corner position you know there are issues.

There is no pass rush and the Defensive Line doesn't appear to know how to fill the gaps to stop the run.  Heyward is no Aaron Smith and Ziggy Hood only made a good relief guy.

We have Big Ben and a great receiving core in Brown, Sanders, Cotchery and Miller but without time to protect the QB and without a running game that actually puts fear into the defense it's hard to rely on that. This is why we are forced to settle for so many field goals when we reach the red-zone.

Oh, it's a painful year to be a Steelers fan but it could be worse.
Some teams go through this every year and not once or twice a decade.


  1. The Steelers season is payback for the Pirates successful baseball season, ala the Seinfeld Even Steven episode, I think.

    1. Never watched Seinfeld but OK. Of the 3 Pittsburgh teams only two can be successful at once. Damped pirates

    2. Dear Sir - One day the Raiders will be good again and you'll be one of those people that can proudly say you stuck with your team for the 4 shitty decades that proceeded it!

  2. please tell me you meant aberration as I can't find the word you used anywhere. you are a better writer than that.

    1. Yep. Looks like my phone didn't catch that one.
      Normally my computer catches that stuff but it's been hiding in a box until the paint and carpet were finished.