Thursday, November 07, 2013

weekly grrouchie recap

Last week I walked 65,633 steps - which is less than 10k per day which is a complete failure if you ask me.
Even if I have some small days the big days need to make up for it.
Ugh, feeling quite disappointed when I opened my email and read that stat.

I only walked 30 miles.
My heaviest was 219.4 pounds and lightest was 216.1.
I really feel like my final weight for the long run is going to fall somewhere between 210 and 220 and I'm cool with that.  I still want to get more trim for the wedding but overall I am quite happy with myself.

The good news is that as of yesterday I have officially walked 500 miles since getting my Fitbit. I do know that I've been more active (in general) because of this little trackings device and because of that I am quite happy with the purchase.
There is a new version of it that just came out and I'm trying to convince someone to buy it for an Xmas present (though really that could be a present to myself).  There are two big improvements from the Flex that I am wearing to the Force (which is the one that just came out).  First big difference is that the Force tells time, it acts as a watch.  I kinda dig that feature so that I don't have to constantly explain to people what that thing on my wrist is.
The second is that the Force counts flights of stairs traveled. That might not sound that cool but it is another metric recorded and will push me to take the stairs more often and to possibly go out of my way to take more flights of stairs for the exercise value.
Every little bit helps right?

As far as Video Games go I only played 3 hours 43 minutes worth of Diablo 3. It's not much but at least I got some time in.
What distracted me from getting more gaming in?  Well I'm glad you asked.
I've been trying to get caught up on comics and TV Shows.

As far as Comics I finished off Hunger which is set in the Marvel Ultimate universe and has turned into something else which I think is going to be universe wide.  So, I probably won't continue reading that as there is too much else that I'm getting.
Next Wednesday the last issue of Dexter is coming out so that drops another item off my monthly pick up list as well.  Then there are only one or two more issues left in Robocop to help make some more room.
All this is good and dandy because I'm sure that there are other things that will come around I'll start collecting.

As far as TV Shows go I finally finished off season 4 of Dexter.  I loved the entire season and thought it was absolutely brilliant.  It rivals season 2 for my favorite right now and even though I had the ending spoiled for me it still ripped my heart out.  WOW.
I've decided that I'm going to finish off Dexter before jumping into anything else that I want to watch like Walking Dead and Game of Thrones.

I'm really getting close to pulling the trigger on GTA V at this point but just haven't done it yet.  Also the PS4 comes out next week and even though I have no games for it I've got a tinge of excitement for it.  I'm really going to have to invest in a multiport HDMI adapter and figure out some sort of shelving system to set my systems up in that doesn't look horrible nor take up a lot of space.

One last thing and that is that I really need to stop being lazy and start selling off my digital codes for comics on ebay.  While they don't fetch a whole lot they do help to compensate for the price of comics a bit.
I'm going to have to spend a day off and just go back through the last couple of months and put groups of them up for auction.  Every penny helps.

Finally, my November Fitness Goal - PLANKING.
I can hit a minute every time.  I hit 90 seconds once but it was tough.  Today I hit 80 seconds again.
In 5 days I'm supposed to start hitting 90 seconds as my daily target and then a few days after that 2 minutes.  That is where this challenge really starts to escalate and where I'm going to struggle.  However, I have to look at it as a challenge and while I might not be knocking it out of the park I'm showing improvement and forcing myself to get some exercise every single day which is really what this boils down to.

Now I'm going to go get some reading done and then get some shut-eye.


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