Friday, November 01, 2013


So as I reported last time I have decided to take on the month long challenge in November to plank every single day trying to work myself up to 5 minutes total on the 30th.

I created a page (here) to log this little exercise and keep track of it on a daily basis and I will give periodic updates letting people know how I'm feeling and if I think I'll succeed.
For the record, when I decided to do this at the end of October I thought that I'd have trouble getting to, and exceeding, one minute (which happens to be day 9) but now that I've got a couple of practice ones in and completed my first day of this challenge I'm revising my statement.

I now think that Day 18 (2.5 minutes) is where I'll experience my first fail.
I want to say 2 minutes, but I'm going to give myself the benefit and say that doing this plank exercise upwards of 3 times per day (once when I wake up, once before bed and maybe one in the middle if I have the time or desire) I'll be able to build my endurance up to at least 2 minutes over the course of the 1st two weeks.
Who knows, I could surprise myself and actually nail this whole thing.  It's all in the name of better health so I'm at least trying it.

This will hopefully be an ongoing thing where I find a new challenge or two every month and stick with them.
I'm going to want to pick two or three months to concentrate on my belly fat area as I'm going to want to look damn good when I hit the beaches of Hawaii come May!


  1. As a couple on the beach...believe won't be your six-pak that is getting stared at.