Monday, November 24, 2014

Fame or Shame Week 12 Results

Week 12 results are in and the top teams got a little tighter.

The top team went a little too heavy on packer reliance so a bunch of others who decided the Colts or Pats were the better bet made up some ground.

The top 10 people are all over 200 points currently and are all within range of having First Place with just one correct blowout picked in the upcoming weeks.

PackersW24-2113 252 Nick G
ColtsW23-330 249 Joe G
ColtsW23-330 240 Craig O
ColtsW23-330 237 Jake
BengalsW22-1319 236 Sergio
EaglesW43-2429 231 Randy
ColtsW23-330 230 Serge
ColtsW23-330 218 Mauri
PatriotsW34-935 207 Bosko
PackersW24-2113 200 Craig T
ColtsW23-330 178 Bill R
ColtsW23-330 178 Stephanie
PackersW24-2113 151 Old Man
49ersW17-1314 137 Steph T
PatriotsW34-935 113 Claudia
PackersW24-2113 109 Jason R
ChiefsL20-24(4)104 Mike T
PackersW24-2113 100 Rob L
49ersW17-1314 65 Carnell
59 Bill M
ChiefsL20-24(4)35 Spank
12 Jason D
7 Tony V

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