Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Fame or Shame week 11 results

This week should be known as the Shake-Up

Congrats on everyone who didn't pick the Broncos, and congrats to the guy who realized that GB is going to kill everyone, thus taking 1st place with a little bit of space.

The race for the top 4 teams is still a tight one with 7 teams at 200 or higher.

PackersW53-2043 239 Nick G
SteelersW27-2413 219 Joe G
PatriotsW42-2032 217 Sergio
ChargersW13-617 210 Craig O
SteelersW27-2413 207 Jake
SteelersW27-2413 202 Randy
BronocosL7-22(15)200 Serge
49ersW16-1016 188 Mauri
BroncosL7-22(15)187 Craig T
ChargersW13-617 172 Bosko
BroncosL7-22(15)148 Bill R
SteelersW27-2413 148 Stephanie
BroncosL7-22(15)138 Old Man
BroncosL7-22(15)123 Steph T
ChargersW13-617 108 Mike T
BroncosL7-22(15)96 Jason R
BroncosL7-22(15)87 Rob L
BroncosL7-22(15)78 Claudia
59 Bill M
ChargersW13-617 51 Carnell
BroncosL7-22(15)39 Spank
12 Jason D
BroncosL7-22(15)7 Tony V


  1. Friggin' Broncos. I hate hate hated to put my free online bet on the Packers, but it is hard not to wanting to bet them.