Monday, November 10, 2014

Fame or Shame Week 10 Results

Green Bay
This was the right pick and only two people got it right.

The big winner of the day was Joe G who was in 9th place and now resides in 2nd place.
The big loser was Bill R who was in 2nd place and picked the Steelers and now resides in 10th.
What a weekend.

I added a column for Last Week (LW) so everyone could see where they were ranked the previous week.

RavensW21-724 215 Serge1
PackersW55-1451 206 Joe G9
BroncosW41-1734 202 Craig T3
SeahawksW38-1731 196 Nick G4
BroncosW41-1734 194 Jake5
BroncosW41-1734 193 Craig O6
BroncosW41-1734 189 Randy8
CardinalsW31-4127 185 Sergio7
BroncosW41-1734 172 Mauri10
SteelersL13-20(7)163 Bill R2
BroncosW41-1734 155 Bosko11
BroncosW41-1734 153 Old Man12
BroncosW41-1734 138 Steph T14
PackersW41-1734 118 Stephanie15
SteelersL13-20(7)111 Jason R13
BroncosW41-1734 102 Rob L16
BroncosW41-1734 93 Claudia19
CardinalsW31-4127 91 Mike T17
59 Bill M20
SteelersL13-20(7)54 Spank18
DolphinsL16-20(4)22 Tony V21
12 Jason D22
0 Carnell23 

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