Wednesday, November 05, 2014

Two Year Body Count

As I sit here typing this I prepare for a change at work, the first major one in the two years since I accepted my current position.
It's been almost exactly two years since my promotion and during that time I have had more turnover in my area than the rest of the store.

In fact, since the change has been announced but before I can get into my new position my body count has already increased by three.  Pretty crazy.


That is my number.
That is the number of employees that I have lost from my departments whether they transferred to another position, another store, another state or they got promoted, fired or quit.


Seventeen people in about two years is a crazy number especially when you consider the fact that I only run two departments in the store.

Even though I have had tremendous turnover I am proud to say that, at the end of October (3rd quarter of the year) I was running the Number One and Number 4 top departments for total sales.  Through all of the change my numbers continued to grow. I can only imagine what I'd be able to do if I had stability.

Off the top of my head this is how things broke down for me.

Transferred to Seasonal.
Promoted to Appliance Specialist.
Promoted to Millwork Specialist.
Transferred to the other side of the country
Promoted to Millwork Specialist.
Transferred to Electrical
Promoted to Millwork Department Manager (I pretty much staff this department for some reason).

Promoted to Flooring Specialist.
Promoted to Electrical Pro at another store.
Promoted to Electrical Pro at another store (oddly enough, the same store as the previous).
Transferred to another store in a random position.

Only 5 people quit and only one was fired.
Seven Promotions and a few transfers.

So, now I enter just running the Electrical Department which had One Full Time guy and 4 part timers when I accepted the position and by the time I get into position it is down to just One Full Time and 2 part time guys.  Oh Ch Ch Ch Changes.

If ever there were a time to stop having turnover it is now.  I need to stop training new people, I need to just work on developing the ones I have so that the department can run as smooth as possible.

Fun times.

Next time I change positions I hope I'm not reporting anything near what I had to type up today.

In the future I am planning a Poker (kinda) post and a post kinda relating to porn.
I don't know what order the posts will come in nor when I'll find the time to type them up properly but that's your little tease.

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