Friday, November 21, 2014

Unable to Pull the Trigger

As I have not really discussed here (though I had a post planned and life got in the way as it currently sits about a quarter written in my drafts bin) my wife has given me the OK to take on Poker as a second, part time job so that I can play the game I love and earn a little extra income at the same time.

My original plan was to pull out $5,000 from my work stock account and use that as my bankroll and pay the money back after I doubled up.  I was going to start playing in December one or two days a week (at most) and have it mostly scheduled out around our jobs and the kids with more room for playing after our spawn is born at the end of January and she takes 4-6 months off of work.

That was the plan and watching the stock at work I just kept putting it off because there were small increases every time I checked out the value of my account.

So, I'd log in and next thing I know I told myself that I'd put it off until next week and this became my pattern.

Then this past week there was a day where the stock jumped up over $3 per share and as I sit and write this today it's up about 80 cents over the close of yesterday (which was a small drop).

As time went on I started to justify not buying it because the next stock purchase was right around the corner and I'm adding about $2k to the account from withdraws over the past 6 months.  I said to myself that after that was added in I would then get the withdraw and start playing, though I feel like this probably won't be the case and I'll come up with another excuse.

Over the past month the value has increased by about 20% so I feel quite justified in leaving my money in the account.

The more time passes the more I am realizing I'm not going to withdraw the money so I'm currently trying to talk myself into just withdrawing the next deposit and playing on $2,000 and slowly building it up.

I miss playing poker and it would be nice to be able to consistently get back to the tables instead of just once or twice every few months.


  1. Leaving it in was a wise move, but of course I'm a nitty old man.

  2. squeeze the trigger,sir. pulling is no good. yoga pants???

  3. Being responsible is nice, especially being a family man with a new mouth to feed on the way.

    That said, why do you need to take out $5K for a bankroll? Can you not get the money any time? You're never going to need that $5K all at once (I hope). Seems to me you could have that $5K bankroll on paper and just take a $1K or so which could be a few sessions worth. Maybe you never need any more, but if you do, you know you could still tap up to $4K as that sockroll, I mean bankroll.

    Meanwhile, until you touch any more, it's hopefully increasing in value in the stock market. But note: It can also go down too.

    I'm also assuming that if you thought you could pull $5K out of the fund, the value you have in there is a heckuva lot more than that, right?

  4. What Rob said. Since I play mostly $1/2 NL, I have a smaller bankroll that most people talk about. I have never had much in the way of huge losses, Seems to me that taking out $1000 or so should get you by unless you run into a really bad streak.