Tuesday, November 11, 2014

My Biggest Win was my Worst Failure

So this weekend, in the realm of sports betting, was my biggest payoff so far.
After my parlay tickets were all lined up I ended up getting paid out (including getting my bets back) almost Two Hundred Bucks.
My biggest payoff before that was about $65.
How I ended up getting there was via 3 parlay cards all cashing based on the Eagles winning by 6.5 or greater (and me forgetting to hit the casino on the way to work to hedge to guarantee myself some profit).

I hit two 3 Team Parlays and a 5 team parlay
Broncos -11.5, Cowboys -7.5 and Eagles -6.5.
Chiefs +1, 49ers +5.5 and Eagles -6.5
Broncos -11.5, Cardinals -7, Packers -7.5, Seahawks -9.5 and Eagles -6.5

All that added up to me having a balance of $199 and some change in my Sports Connection (Station Casinos Sports Betting App) account.

Am I happy?  Well hell yeah I am because I started by just putting $50 bucks in the account around the start of the football season so this means that while I haven't been amazingly successful I am also not losing money.

However, I did not come here to brag about me being slightly better than break even over the course of 10 weeks.  I came here, instead, to tell you how this weekend was such a failure.

I didn't even realize it until I went over every single one of my cards.
For the record, I only had 4 other cards and a total of $35 actual money riding on Sunday.

I lost a 3 teamer which had  the Ravens, Steelers and Eagles.
I lost a 4 teamer that had the Chiefs, Packers, Steelers and Eagles.
I lost a 5 teamer that had the Broncos, Steelers, Packers, Eagles and Ravens.
I lost an 8 teamer that had the Ravens, Chiefs, Lions, Cowboys, Steelers, Falcons, 49ers and Eagles.

You all see the common denominator right?
The Steelers.
The ONLY team I picked wrong all weekend long was my own team, which I'm OK with.
I am just annoyed that I only got ONE team wrong.  Normally I have two or 3 spread out.

However, that one team cost me pretty big.
3 team payout (including getting my money back) is about 35 bucks.
4 team payout would be about 65 bucks.
5 team payout would be about 130 payout.
8 team payout would be about 750.

I missed out on about $955 extra because the Steelers Sucked it up against a team they should have beaten pretty badly.

So, instead of having an $1155 weekend I had a $200 weekend.
I want to be happy about it, I just fucking can't bring myself to do it right now.

Next week - that's where the money will be waiting for me!!!


  1. I'm so ready to play a few parlays this weekend with some straight bets....and bring them back 3 weeks later to cash in!! :-)

  2. "Quit yer friggin whining," says the totally bitter Bears fan.