Sunday, November 16, 2014

Fame or Shame week 11

The picks are in, well - most of them.

Looks like the Broncos are the team to go with this week.

There were also some minor point changes from last week and bad copy/pasting.

215 SergeBronocos
206 Joe G
202 Craig TBroncos
196 Nick GPackers
194 JakeSteelers
193 Craig OChargers
189 RandySteelers
185 Sergio
172 Mauri49ers
163 Bill R
155 BoskoChargers
153 Old ManBroncos
138 Steph TBroncos
135 StephanieSteelers
111 Jason RBroncos
102 Rob LBroncos
93 ClaudiaBroncos
91 Mike TChargers
59 Bill M
54 SpankBroncos
22 Tony VBroncos
12 Jason D
34 Carnell

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