Monday, November 24, 2014

Small Withdraws

As a sort of continuation to my last post based on the comments that I received.

In my head, up until just recently, it has been an All-or-Nothing proposition.
The whole reason why is that just appears to be the way I work, I dive head first into everything and sort out the rest after the fact.

Recently, much like had been suggested by Rob and Lightning I have been leaning towards just removing a portion and playing on that knowing that I could always dip back into the cookie jar if the need arose.

Rob also asked if I had more than just what I was considering withdrawing and without really touching upon a "how much" type of answer, the answer is yes.
However, actual amounts (right now) don't actually matter because when I started contributing to my companies stock program it was really only done as a way to save money up for bigger purchase times.
Things like xmas, vacations and other things of that ilk.  This is money that I currently do not consider to be a part of my retirement (that's what my 401k is for) but instead is just sitting around waiting for me to use it on something.

The nice thing about our stock program is that the company takes your money out per paycheck over the course of 6 months and then makes a purchase for your account, making this purchase at a 15% discount of the closing price on the day of the purchase.
So, a lot of people have used this as a forced savings with a bonus.
Since stock is bought on November 30th a lot of us poor slobs like to sell on December 1st and take our 15% bonus and use that to buy gifts.  

So here I sit, broken hearted, paid to shit but only farted.
At this point I am just waiting for the newest deposit to hit the account so that I can make my withdraw and start putting some hours into the green felt again.
The main reason why I am waiting is because of tax implications.  The newest deposit will cost me the least amount of gain to claim while the oldest deposit that I have in there was a stock purchase valued in the lower $30/share range which has almost doubled in price.  

My next time playing will probably be during Nicks next big Vegas trip, which I do believe also coincides with Lightning coming out as well.  This way I can start getting my feet with with the comfort of friendly conversation which always helps mask the fact that I"ll probably be nitting it up quite a bit over my first bunch of sessions.

Now to get my boy ready for school so I can enjoy some quiet time before I have to head into work.


  1. "also coincides with Lightning coming out as well."

    Ummm ... I think I know what you meant here ...

    1. Heh heh.

      I will also be in town during that time.

    2. Nick will be in Vegas, Rob will be in town and Lightning is coming out.

      Hopefully we can all meet up and play some cards or whatever.
      And this will mark the beginning of me playing more often and having something interesting to talk about for the first time in a while.

    3. ok but u r still going to soccer games thou?? right?? i am waiting 4 the lightning post about downing PBR tallboys and riding on the back of Harleys

    4. Soccer is done for the season and won't start up again until March or April

  2. You previously mentioned something about a degeneration session mixing poker and craps. Is that still an option? We could always mix in other table games also if there's interest. I'm game for poker for sure, just let me know when and where!

    Remind me to stay away from Lightning during his "coming out"....I wondered why he always wanted me to play poker at the local casino with him, and there was a dinner invitation one night where he tried to get me

    1. Personally I hate all table games with the exception of craps which is my personal las vegas addiction.
      I'd be down for some craps but I'd have to set myself a limit of $100 to blow on it unless I happened to have done well at poker :)