Thursday, February 16, 2012

The Winds of Change are a Blowin'

To quote the late Owen Hart, Enough is enough and it's time for a change.
While leaving an open statement like that could be hazardous to my reputation I'll actually continue along my train of thought and divulge a bit of my future to you all.

Change:  Not my underwear - though those do change once or twice per day depending on the circumstances.
Change: Not my hair as I just got rid of the whole bloody mess of it and am left with a good view of my male pattern baldness and in all honesty - the less hair I have the more my face accentuates my large honking nose.
The side view isn't much better though it hides some of the bulbous-ness.

Anyways, the real change.  Work.

Everyone gets to a point where they need a change, be it different position or different hours or different company.
Me? Well, I'm looking to just add on by picking up a second, part time, job for the time being.
Today I got my Store Manager to sign off on a temporary change of availability for two months so that I can take a craps training class.
I've also contacted the owner/manager of the company that will be taking my hard earned money and teaching me to become a well oiled tourist-money-taking-die-reading-you-better-hit-the-back-wall-with-both-fucking-dice-bitch-one-hand-on-the-dice-idiot-and-keep-them-visible-at-all-times-you-douche craps dealing machine.  Not this coming Monday, but next Monday I'll be heading down there with all of the ones I was saving up for a trip to the Strip Club and hand them over and then the following money I will become a student again.

While currently I only intend this job to be part time for extra, supplemental, income I am really looking forward to doing something different.  To do something that puts a little tingle at the bottom of my balls instead of the same routine that I have been doing (in one form or another) for the past decade.
Eventually, if I can get into a casino where the tips are good consistently, I'd like to have my jobs swap rolls and take up Craps full time while working retail part time.  My goal is to work retail enough to keep my health insurance (though I think that part time insurance is crappier (HA, PUN) than full time I do still need insurance because of my asthma and prescriptions).

So, the winds of change are blowing and the scorpions are no where in sight.  As with every change there is trepidation but that will go away over time.  First step is first and that is to get into school and start learning the basics and practicing it daily.  Get everything down pat so that any interview that I go on will easily be aced and they will overlook my physical deformities (pictured above).
I'm pretty excited.  If everything goes according to plan I'll be in a casino and feeling comfortable just as the WSOP is hitting town and forcing the rooms to be busier, increasing my average daily take home and giving me money to have fun this summer.
More money will actually enable me to be able to hang out with all the visiting people.  Jennifer, Josie, koala, Tatitude, Rob, Lightning, Bon Jovie, Marilyn Manson, Babe Ruth and whoever else shows up.
Oh, it's going to be a stinking good time.


  1. Great Post Anytime you quote the great Owen Hart is alright in my eye ;)

    1. I was going to do the quote and not cite it to see if anyone would catch it, but I figure'd it would fly by most everyone. The Blue Blazer still lives on in my mind lol.

  2. Sounds good. Ya gotta do what makes ya happy.

  3. Interesting news. Good luck!

    Any particular reason you decided on Craps as opposed to blackjack or, I don't know, POKER? I understand you have been known to play poker.

    Do you think that Craps is a better bet (so to speak) for employment, since poker is kind of dying a little?

    Or do you prefer being on your feet all day?

    When you are the stickman, make sure that when a gal in a low cut top is rolling, you scream as loud as you can, "They're coming out!"

    1. Honestly,
      I love craps and I hope playing will help me quell my addiction (not truly an addiction, i just love the game).
      Craps is one of the hardest games to deal (i'm told) and thus casino's are always looking for good craps dealers.
      Anyone who can f'n count can deal black jack - dealers are a dime a dozen.
      Poker- I live in Las Vegas where a new poker room opening gets 2000 plus applications to fill like 20 dealer jobs. Poker is one of those games I think you just have to know the right person to become a dealer or right place/right time thing. Or hope you can get in as an extra during the series and catch on somewhere.

      Also, a fun craps table is, bar none, the best time in the whole casino.

      I should have explained all this in my post - bloody hell - now i'm going to have a long comment :)

    2. Great explanation. I used to love craps. Well, I guess I still do I just can't play it anymore. They've priced me out of the game.

      My system is to bet the pass line, take double odds, bet come, double odds, and keep doing that until I get all the numbers covered and I'm just picking up money on every roll.

      In order to do that, you have to start with a very small initial bet, so even $5 minimum is really too big for my style. I really need a $2 craps table and good luck finding that!

      For a $5 table, also becoming extinct, I'll have $100 out there before you know it, so $10, which is the standard low limit table these days is way, way out of the question.

      But I do wish I could play it sometimes.

      It IS a very tough game to deal, I am always amazed at how those dealers can keep track of all those bets and the pay offs. Impressive.

    3. When I first moved here I played at Nevada Palace on the Boulder Strip. $1 craps and I loved it. Cried a bit when they tore that place down.

    4. When I first started hitting Vegas, when Binions was still the Horseshoe, they had dollar craps with 10X odds and they usually had at least one or two tables that were 50 cents craps!

    5. I would love if there were still a place like that, but now it seems that slumming it means $5 tables which are becoming harder and harder to find especially on weekends.
      I love craps but rarely ever play it any more, but I'm really just unwilling to play at a $10 table and I still have some issues playing at a $5 table unless I'm out with someone visiting and pretending to be a tourist with money to burn heh.
      Gambling is too expensive of a hobby.

  4. Epic!!!! I almost took a job as a blackjack dealer once.

    1. Where at Jenn?
      And what made you decide against it?

    2. Oh and a BIG thank you for being my newest follower :)

  5. Awesome! I totally envy you for making a move to do something different! GL GL GL Erm...nice nose?

    1. This is the 2nd time since moving to Vegas where I have made a move for a change of scenery.
      Last time was stepping down from my Management position (same company I'm still working for) Right before being eligible to go salary - in order to take a management position with a Video Game Company lol.
      It was a great 1.5 years (though working 7 days a week between both jobs for 1.5 years got a little tiring now and then).

      I'm hoping this will be just as great.

      Make decisions, follow your heart, deal with consequences later.

    2. Thank me for being to first subscriber years ago :)

    3. Josie you will be impressed by that noses' presence when you see it in person!
      Gosh Sergio imagine if we'd had kids! Your nose plus mine, the poor thing would've been just a big hairy nose. :)

    4. That's what I'm saying! Poor Kratos Troy Markus Espinosa Serge would be anode with hair!

    5. That was supposed to say " a nose with hair"

  6. I'm happy and proud of you! You have been talking about this for so long!

  7. theres a blog by someone called dicegurl iirc, shes pkrdlr's wife - have a look if u havnt already

    gl in it, rather you than me, couldnt stand the screaming YEAH!!! noooooooo! HOT SHOOTER!!!! etc drunken shouting but if you can deal with that shizzle then glglglgl


    1. I'll search for the blog. Thanks for the heads up.

    2. Here's the link:

      It hasn't been updated in a couple of years but the last post is absolutely hysterical and worth checking out.

    3. Thanks for hunting it down for me Rob.
      And yes, that is a good last post.

      I'll dig through her archives and see if there are any other gems out there!