Friday, December 09, 2011

Part Time Job

The sheer amount of difficulty that I am having being able to actually land a part time job is staggering right now.

And, before you read into that too much do note that I have a full time job but I'm just looking for some extra income to help pay my bills off within a reasonable time frame.

I have had a few places where I didn't get a call back, but more annoying I have had several places call me back and go through phase 1 of the interview process only to tell me that they won't bring me on because I can't offer them open availability (a grocery store) or because I can't give them full access to my days on Friday, Saturday, Sunday and a 4th day during the week (electronics store).

The funny part is that even after reading through my application where my situation (full time employment) is laid out in front of them they'll still call me just to tell me that I can't give them what they need (Kinda like a relationship right there).

So I finally thought I found one that was promising and they were perfectly willing to hire me but in order to start work for them part time I had to offer up 5 weeks of Full-Time availability for training.
Oh well, another one down and time for round 4 of applications.

I doubt it will get much easier from here because the holiday season is almost done which means that places will be getting rid of more people (holiday help) than they will be bringing on.

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