Monday, December 26, 2011

Boxing Day

So December is basically over and I say that because the 25th ends Gift Giving Season.
Today is recovery day and more importantly Eat Left Overs Day.  Oh how I love ELOD.

In fact, in the microwave right now I have, re-heating just for me, some extra turkey-mashed potatoes-stuffing-corn-and-gravy all heaped onto a big pile and ready to be stirred and devoured. As luck (and a set schedule at work) would have it I also have off today which means that I can be lazy, eat left overs and play some video games in peace.  I've been thinking about 2012 a lot and I've got a bunch of stuff on my mind.
Most of it is just rehashes of things I obsess with on a daily basis - debt, poker, video games and the ilk.

I've got a few people coming into town this next year to visit me (that's what I say at least). In reality, they are coming into town because Las Vegas is a great tourist destination with tons of places and ways to gamble and a ton of entertainment in the form of gambling (duh) and shows. 
A few of these friends have even informed me that they will be in town during the course of the year and are willing to take a few moments out of their fun having to catch up with me as well - and that is pretty cool.

My plans today involve playing Star Wars The Force Unleashed 2 because I heard it's a pretty short game and that will allow me to hit my goal of beating 20 games during 2011.
I am also planning on working on my Budget Spreadsheet today at least for January.  I'm getting anxious to have my debt gone now that I actually see it as an attainable goal.  I'm hoping that once it is done I can somehow find a way to integrate it into this whole blog thing for everyone to see (I really don't want to have to go with screen-caps but will if necessary).


  1. "crush live poker" by bart hansen may be a wise investment btw

  2. Merry Christmas, Grouchie. <3

    Leftovers look awesome. I too had ELOD today. I'm in a bit of a seasonal fog myself, so not too much to contribute here.. but wanted to let you know I was lurking.

  3. Josie -
    1.) Tasted pretty damned good too
    2.) Thought you weren't going to resort to using Google :)
    3.) Yes, I plan on being a good tracking system but I'll appreciate any nudges you give me to keep me motivated.

  4. 1.) The leftovers look great.
    2.) OMFG I just googled that anagram - I named my CAT that. lol
    3.) Don't forget you're Tony's tracking system for 2012.....actually I'll make sure you don't. :)