Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merry Xmas

I hope that all of those who visit my small piece of the internet have a very enjoyable holiday season no matter what it is you might be doing.
Sitting at home alone with your pets or celebrating with your family.
Playing poker on the strip or paying strippers with crisp new ones.

For the 1st time in 6 years I will be spending this Xmas with my parents and I can't think of anything better.


  1. Thanks for the nod and the kiss and the squeeze.

  2. They are doing great now that I moved them to my side of the world, thanks. :)

  3. I'm glad you got to spend time with the Old Man and Fran. I hope they are doing well also. Merry Christmas!

  4. My brother was offered a comped room at Caesars Palace for three nights, so we decided to make the trip . Being a Bears fan, I knew I would have little personal interest in the Super Bowl. : o ( My plan is to do as always, which is play a lot of $1/2 NL at Bally's. I also wrote Tony that I'd spring for a buffet if he is still around. If we actually set up a time you are certainly welcome to join us.

    I guess that I will probably just have to live with the notion that there is not a whole lot that anyone can do to help Tony. He certainly has a lot of people trying to help him, but apparently to no avail.

    Best of luck on the tables and with life in general. I'll add you on my blogroll.

    btw -- I recommend that you keep reading Josie's blog. It does not offer all the entertainment value that Tony's does, but it is a fun place to hang out for a few interesting characters.

  5. Judging by the two pics I see up on your blog, I definitely recognize the face. So we have played together.
    How long are you going to be in town for? Depending on which teams are in the Super Bowl I generally have a party (if you can call it that) on Super Bowl Sunday and thus usually don't play poker that day.
    Though, i'll see what I can do to have a buy-in or two set aside (maybe I'll start winning and be able to have multiple buy-ins at my disposal lol) so I can get out when you are around.

  6. Coming back into town on Super Bowl Sunday. Staying at CP but will spend many hours playing poker at Bally's. Jeez, I am wondering if I would recognize you. I recognize many of the locals since I play there every few months but do not know the names of most. Of course, they probably would know me as the guy who sucks but lucks out all the time at Bally's. lol

  7. Cool, let me know next time you are back in town!

  8. Bally's is my usual Las Vegas poker home. We must have played against each other before. I was last there Dec1-6 and will be back in February. Oh yeah -- lightning36 = smilingbrownbear. A few times I did not realize I was signed in as sbb.

    My blog:

  9. Most of the time I play at Bally's, though I am going to try to change that in 2012 by trying to hit up more casino's.
    Where do you usually play?

  10. Hey grrouchie -- where do you usually play?