Friday, December 02, 2011

9 years

Milestones come and go and generally you don't think about them too much.
My 10 year High-School reunion happened a few years back (and I received my invitation to it 3 days before it happened).
If my college had 10 year reunions I believe it would have happened this past summer.
And, as of today, I have officially been working with the same company for 9 years.

Time keeps on ticking, day after day and you don't really think about it.
I constantly hear people say "man, where has the time gone" or "Wow, it's December already?"
And when someone walked into my office and said "Serge, really? 9 years? How in the hell have you done it?" I thought to myself:
"Self, that's a bloody long time."

So, to celebrate this not very momentus occasion I'm going to go home and get my grub on.
Then I'm taking my talents (or lack thereof) to at least one casino on the strip and pretend I'm a tourist again.

Luckily today is also the 2 week anniversary of when I last got paid, so my employer has been nice enough to put some more money in my bank account again.

Poker and craps baby.
And, if my luck runs hot - Strippers and Blow baby.