Saturday, December 10, 2011


It's the end of the year.
It's crunch time.
This is the point where you can have a full year of regret lying ahead of you or you can make the final push, hit your goal and smile about it.
No, I'm not talking about the holiday of receiving (I've stopped believe that it's about giving years ago because if that were to be true then people wouldn't be disappointed in their gifts).

For me, it's December and it's time to look back over the course of the year and see if I have maintained my Platinum status at Caesars Entertainment.

To be honest, without cheating and looking at the web page, I could not tell you more than 4 benefits to having a Platinum card over the others.
The only one that really matters to me is this one: When I get hungry I get to skip the big lines at all Caesars properties.
It might not be much, but when I'm hungry and taking a visiting friend or three to one of the restaurants or buffet's it's really a pretty big convenience to skip the line of 40 people and get into my own special line that maybe consists of 5 people.

However, I like having a slightly upgraded status and a card that shows it's own special color and here I sit mid December needing only about 5 hours of poker in order to make sure that I am qualified for Platinum for another year.

While I had no plans earlier today it does appear as though I'm going to head down to one of my favorite gambling spots and find a seat at a hopefully soft table and enjoy myself for at least 5 hours.


  1. Zin,

    Being that I have not actually played much poker at all since the WSOP I don't ever get room offers from Planet Hollywood.
    Is it possible to use ones comp on a room?
    I don't have a whole lot (from entertaining this summer) but I've probably got about 150ish to spend towards something.

  2. grrouchie, would you ever consider comping me some rooms at planet hollywood in exchange for some money?

  3. I have never looked.
    Every once in a while I notice that I have an offer for something but I've never looked at rooms or how many offers I'm getting because I don't plan on using them.

    I wish I'd get an offer for new years eve plus a few days lol because I hate waiting around until the traffic opens up again to drive home.

  4. Funny thing - I am exactly one hour short of Plat right now.
    So, it looks like I'll go out and kick the dust off tomorrow mid-afternoon just to make sure I qualify for next year.
    Very well might be my last session of the year until new years eve (depending on if I get my tickets to GnR or not).

  5. how many free nites show up in ur calender with only platinum?