Friday, December 30, 2011

New Years Resolutions 2012

So - the serious post went up earlier today.
Now for the fun and games.

Resolution #1 - Attempt to look more homeless.  The fake homeless make good money in this town and it's about time I got a piece of that action.

Resolution #2 - Ties into #1 - Develop a drug habit.  This will help me to accomplish many things.  It will help me to accomplish #3 and #1.

Resolution #3 - Lose Weight via my new found drug habit.  I don't know if I'm going coke, crack, smack or horse - it's a tough decision but I'm all about making the tough decisions in life.

Resolution #4 - Alienate friends - I think this one will be pretty easy with my new homeless look and drug problem.

Resolution #5 - Develop nickname of Crack-head Larry - No one is going to know my name and this is the nick name that I am hoping to receive from the people at the shelter.  I also guess that this answers question #3 for me now doesn't it.

Resolution #6 - Commit a major crime (and maybe some minor ones too) - I have been drug free and crime free nearly my entire life, it's about time to change that don't you think.  This will probably coincide with #3 and the new found drug habit, but it doesn't have to.  Maybe GTA, or Car Jacking or armed robbery.  There are so many choices to make for this one that I'm giddy with excitement.

As you all can see, 2012 is going to be a banner year for the Serge household - I'll try to blog about it as long as I don't sell off my computer for crack and lose my electricity for non-payment.  Hope you all stay with me for this ride of a lifetime!!


  1. My comment above still stands

    I am a vegas and uk ite, in uk to play online though Ty black friday!

    Will make it my mission to bust tbc when I return, I know the cunts game and tells better than anyone, rip bankroll mark my words I will bust this mother fucker after coaxing him to deep 2/5

    All the best for 2012 buddy I'm off to get wasted!

  2. Excellent - I'm starting to find my target audience then lol

  3. I'd like to get back to playing a couple of times per week again - even if only on my day's off.
    Tonight is the first step towards that as I'm heading down to the strip for a bunch of poker - then drinking and ball dropping and bang-pow-boom in they sky, then probably a few more hours of poker until the roads clear up again.
    Lets hope for a big win lol

  4. I think I like these resolutions better ...

  5. Very (bad) Josie - Bad.
    This is for ME only.

  6. Yes - I've got a lot of other stuff that I can sell off/pawn off before I get to the computer. Extensive list of Video Games (one that I could probably sell somewhere in the range of $400 or with effort lol).
    Plus, I can blog from my phone until I stop paying and I can also blog via free wireless access points with my Kindle.
    So, I've got some options while my body and mental health degrade over time :)

  7. Good luck with all that! I'm sure with good effort all your dreams can come true! Just leave the computer for the last thing to go.

  8. Found your short story subject matter!

  9. Heh. So if I become a drug addict I'll lose weight. Excellent idea! lol

  10. Found your short story subject matter! Good job turkey!