Wednesday, December 07, 2011

2012 A Look Ahead - Financials

Probably the most important aspect of this series is my Financial situation and as such you think I'd actually deal with it first, but that's not how I roll yo!

The past couple of years I have made really good strides to pay off my debt and get myself into a position where I'll have an advantage over almost every other person in the world. It is going to be one exciting time and I know that I really need to give myself the final push and make it happen.

My debt situation right now looks like this:
Lowe's CC (emergency water heater replacement): $629
Dental Bill (oh, I still need more work): $2100
School Loan (Blah, college haunts me): $3350
Last Credit Card (no wit here): $2500

So, we'll do some rounding, carry a couple of ones and take into account payments that will be made in the month of December and just say that I'm starting the year with approx $8,000 worth of debt.
From where I was just a few years back this is a very manageable amount and I will have it all gone by the end of the year (however, I wish to have it gone long before then).
I have cut back on a lot of my "fun" money and will focus even more to make sure that I can scream "I"M DEBT FREE" before 2012 ends.

The only debt that may or may not exist for me by the time the year ends will be my house.

So, in order to try to eliminate my debt quicker I have been searching for 2nd (part time) job.
And, in this economy it appears that because so many people are trying to get so few jobs the employers get to be a lot more strict.  It amazes me how hard it has been for me to get a 2nd job.  I have gotten a few calls for interviews but I keep getting told that they won't hire me unless I have open availability (or they want me to give them Friday, Saturday, Sunday and another day during the week 100% open) and that has been what is stopping me.  Working a full time retail job makes it difficult to give another place that kind of availability for just a part time extra throw away job.

Either way, I will keep looking and hopefully find something for a few hours a week and a few extra bucks in my pocket.

My goal (as unrealistic as it may be) is to have my debt paid off before the World Series of Poker hits town again.  I am hoping to have enough dedication to give monthly updates as to where I stand and how far away I am.


  1. I've been thinking about it, though I'm exhausting other avenue's first.

  2. Yeah, I got rid of my car payment earlier this year and It's been a great freedom to me.
    As every bill drops I feel better and better about life - school loan will obviously be the last to go.

  3. Just a local Vegas Degen who lives in casino's and gambles daily.

  4. When I needed a part time job I got one as a pizza delivery driver. Not a bad job driving around listening to the radio. Money wasn't bad for part time. If you can just tell them two nights a week that you can work.

  5. maybe if u became a little better at poker, and managed money as well as me, and kept ur expenses as low as me, u wouldnt need a job either.

  6. Good luck.....I'm working at paying off my car and credit cards as I accumulate student loans towards my Bachelor's Degree. Not worried about those yet altho once the car and CC's are paid off(sometime in 2012) I might start paying towards the student loans early if no other events happen.

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